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Laurie Anderson: Delusion
Laurie Anderson: Delusion

EMPAC at RPI in Troy has announced its fall season of performances, concerts, films, exhibits, discussions, workshops and, well, whatever. Sometimes you just don’t have any idea of what you’re going to see until after you’ve seen it.

But of course at EMPAC, you probably haven’t seen anything like it before.

Here’s a rundown of EMPAC events sure to intrigue adventurous minds and free thinkers:

Friday, September 10, 8pm: Brent Green’s “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” (Theater) A stop-action film accompanied by musical narrative telling the poignant and darkly humorous true story of a man who built a bizarre “healing house” in an attempt to cure his wife’s terminal cancer.

Friday-Saturday, September 17-18, 8pm: Wally Cardona & Rahel Vonmoos’ “A Light Conversation” (Studio 2) An intimate dialogue in movement reflecting life: choice, commitment, pleasure, sacrifice, boredom, aesthetics vs. ethics, the uncertainty of the future — and love.

Friday-Sunday, October 1-3: “Filament” (multiple venues) A festival of new work in performance, visual arts, sound, and media highlighting EMPAC’s mission to support international and national artists in the creation and production of work via its residency and commissioning programs.

Wednesday, October 6, 4pm: Monolake’s “Live Performance in the Age of Super Computers” (Studio 1/Goodman) A critical look at live audiovisual performance in this time of almost limitless audio manipulation and generation, and yet limited technological interfaces.

Wednesday October 6, 7pm: Monolake’s “Live. Max. Max For Live. What Is It Good For?” (Studio 1/Goodman) Dig into the world of Ableton Live software and MAX/MSP programming, their integration, and relevance to the dance floor and academic music, with one of the authors of Ableton.

Thursday October 7, 8pm: Monolake’s “Live Surround with Tarik Barri” (Studio 1/Goodman) Explore the limitless possibilities of the dance floor through multi-channel surround sound design, music software, and dub-influenced techno music.

Friday-Saturday, October 15-16, 8pm: Laurie Anderson’s “Delusion” (Theater) A meditation on life and language through music, video, and storytelling, Delusion weaves a complex story about longing, memory, and identity.

Thursday, October 28, 7:30pm: Cinematic Chimera: “Russian Ark” (Theater) Filmed as a 90-minute continuous shot though the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russian Ark subtly interweaves dance, opera, theater, and music in a poetic meditation on the flow of history. Part of the Cinematic Chimera Series.

Wednesday November 3, 7pm: Observer Effects: “Music–Language–Sound and Nature” (Theater) Experts in the diverse fields of music, acoustics, evolutionary neurobiology, and naturalist philosophy engage in a thoughtful exchange on how music, speech, language, birds, and whale songs interrelate.

Friday-Saturday, November 5-6, 8pm: Latitude 14’s “Red Fly/Blue Bottle” (Theater) A performance that bridges concert, cabinet of curiosities, and video installation, Red Fly/Blue Bottle explores the mediating effects of memory and how we use imagination to surmount that which we have lost.

Friday, November 12, 8pm: Georg Friedrich Haas’ “In Vain” (Concert Hall) A striking spectral composition for chamber orchestra that contrasts light and dark as well as harmony and dissonance, performed in and between complete darkness.

Thursday, November 18-Saturday, January 29: “Uncertain Spectator” (multiple venues) An exhibition confronting anxiety in contemporary art, where individuals are asked to cross a threshold into situations riddled with uncertainty.

Thursday, November 18, 7:30pm: Cinematic Chimera: “Dancer in the Dark” (Theater) An assault against escapism in film, “Dancer in the Dark” is an agonizing and unrelenting narrative of cruelty, hardship, and human nature, punctuated with sequences of song and dance. Directed by Lars Von Trier; starring Björk. In conjuction with “Uncertain Spectator.”

Friday-Saturday, December 3-4, 8pm: Sean Griffin’s “Cold Spring” (Theater) A dazzling musical theatrical experience weaving a humorous sometimes frightening operatic web with clashing performance styles and themes ranging from alien abduction, cheerleading, eugenics, to the beyond.

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  1. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Thanks for the shout, Nippertown! We at EMPAC are (understandably) pretty excited about the whole she-bang, and invite the Nippertown massive to check out the whole schedule (including all of the Renssselaer + community events) here:

    Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) + Brendan Canty (Fugazi) will be back with Brent Green on 09/10! If you saw his show here in the winter of 2009, then you know (a) WOW, and (b) it was a full house. Don’t sleep on this show…

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