Live: Fran Cosmo @ Alive at Five in Riverfront Park, 8/5/10


Fran Cosmo @ Alive At Five

Rock singer and guitarist Fran Cosmo hit all the notes, and he hit them big-time, wowing the audience at Albany’s Riverfront Park last Thursday afternoon for the final Alive at Five concert of the summer. And he came armed with a mixed bag of songs drawn from his tenure with the mulit-platinum Boston, as well as Orion the Hunter and regional rockers Celebration.

He and his five bandmates churned it out in the classic ’70s and ’80s rock-style with lots of biting guitar solos, which stands to reason because in addition to Cosmo, there were three other electric guitarists on stage. No matter about the abundance of strings, the music was tight and expertly delivered.

Of course, Cosmo wasn’t the lead singer on Boston’s biggest ’70s hits, like “More Than A Feeling,” “Long Time” and “Peace Of Mind,” which are still inescapable on classic rock stations everywhere.

That was the late Brad Delp, whose soaring voice helped to define those signature rock anthems. But Tom Scholz – Boston’s mastermind, guitarist and songwriter – brought Cosmo on board after Delp left the band in 1990. No surprise, really, considering that Cosmo sounds as awful lot like Delp.

As it is in the case with so many rock musicians: when the main band isn’t on tour, then it’s time to go out and do your own music. And that’s exactly what Fran Cosmo has done. Hey, he even has his own son Anthony backing him on guitar.

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Fran Cosmo @ Alive At Five

Fran Cosmo @ Alive At Five

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  1. Gabby lisandrelli says

    This band rocked! Fran was amazing and Anthony was electrifying and of course a stud!
    Loved the band!!!!!

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