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Weekend Rock Gods
There’s another brand new band entering the Nippertown music scene this weekend. The Weekend Rock Gods will be coming down from Olympus to plug in and rock their way through their debut performance at the Coxsackie Riverfront Park in Coxsackie at 6pm on Sunday. Admission is free.

So, who are these gods among men?

Well, here’s the line-up of familiar faces, who have previously paid their dues (or are currently paying) in numerous bands, including the Last Conspirators, the Rumdummies, Big Frank & the Bargain Bingers and – let’s not forget – the Fan Club:

Bob Resnick – drums
Jeff Sohn – guitar, keyboard, vocals
Pat Conover – harmonica, percussion, vocals
Frank Novko – bass, vocals
Lou Sansivero – lead guitar

Leaning heavily on the classic rock repertoire (including the ’60s Holy Trinity of the Beatles, Stones & Dylan), the band will also be drawing from a songbag that includes Van Morrison, CCR, non-disco-era Bee Gees, U2, Al Green, the Four Tops and more.

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  1. Alan G. says

    A very fine looking group of gents…

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