Hump Day Unusual Moment


This might be the best television commercial that we’ve ever seen…


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  1. John Bouchard says

    Wasn’t that the name of former-WQBK radio host Lin Brehmer’s Wednesday night event? Great stuff.

  2. Greg says


    Oh yes indeed it was. When we revived it on earlier this year, we paid tribute to Lin, who is still one of the best DJs that this town has ever seen. Or heard. Or – well, you know what we mean…

  3. LP says

    Lin was the best DJ ever in my humble opinion. Where is he now, I remember he left for Chicago…

  4. Greg says

    Yes, Lin’s at WXRT in Chicago…

  5. John Bouchard says

    Thanks for the show last night, Wild Bill! And I’ll be looking for that Blotto VHS!

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