Who’s Afraid of a Little Opera? A Glimmerglass Newbie Guide


Glimmerglass Opera
The Glimmerglass Opera opens its season Friday, July 9 (tonight) and runs through Tuesday, August 24. If you’re an opera fan, you already know this, and can stop reading here. If you’re an opera newbie, read on:

Opera is the original multimedia extravaganza, with big sounds, big action, big sets and live excitement. If you’ve never seen live opera, you owe it to yourself to give it a try at least once, and fortuitously, we have a world class opera house right here in Nippertown.

The Glimmerglass Opera has a tried and true programming formula of mixing two popular favorites (this year it’s Puccini’s Tosca and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro) with one American work (Copland’s The Tender Land) and one baroque work (Handel’s Tolomeo).

Tickets range from $26 to $126.

A few other notes:

  • The Alice Busch Opera Theater at Glimmerglass is a cozy, intimate theater with wonderful acoustics. There are only 914 seats – it’s smaller than the big theater at The Egg. Even in the cheapest seats of the balcony, you’ll feel close to the stage because none of the seats are more than 70 feet from the stage.
  • There are projected supertitles (even for the operas sung in English) so you can figure out what’s going on through all the tra-la-las.
  • One hour before each performance, the staff gives a free 30-minute preview talk in the pavilion next to the theater that will give you some insight into the music and the history of the performance you’re about to see.
  • You can bring a picnic to enjoy before the show on the expansive, pastoral grounds (there’s also a snack bar and a beer/wine bar, or you can order a picnic to pick up when you arrive).
  • The dress code is casual, casual, casual. You can show up in shorts and flipflops and no one will bat an eye – especially for the matinees.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to fall asleep, although you’ll be partaking of a rather expensive nap. Just don’t snore, please.
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