ArtBeat: New Shows @ Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield

Joe Wheaton: Two Rocks
Joe Wheaton: Two Rocks

You can start your Fourth of July weekend early at the Berkshire Museum: opening Thursday is Joe Wheaton & Susan Rodgers: Spatial Relationships, an installation of new work by two noted Berkshire sculptors working primarily in metal. Composed of work created specifically for this exhibition, the show focuses on their shared fascination with line, form, balance and shadow and found objects.

The installation opens this Thursday, July 1 with a opening reception for the artists from 5:30-7pm and runs through October 11. Carol Diehl will lead a panel discussion with the artists on Thursday, September 23 at 7pm.

Two exhibitions, both centered around the North African desert, are also on display at the Museum:

Nancy Graves: Journey to North Africa is comprised of a series of representational and abstract images of camels in paint, print, sculpture, photography and film created between 1970 and 1980, works rooted in the Pittsfield native’s childhood memories of the animals preserved by taxidermists in the Natural History section of the Berkshire Museum.

Also on view is the acclaimed Wrapped! Search for the Essential Mummy, an exhibition centered around the Museum’s 2,300 year-old Egyptian mummy, Pahat, with two other mummies and sarcophagi on loan from other institutions including a mummy known as Shep-en-Min, Pahat’s long-lost son, discovered by curator Jonathan Elias to be in the collection of Vassar College.

Wrapped! examines the relatively recent role of modern forensic analysis in Egyptian studies, presenting the work of specialists who use CT-scans to reconstruct the appearance of people from the ancient Egyptian community of Akhmim.

In addition to three significant mummies, Wrapped! also includes ancient mummified cats, falcons, and a crocodile, as well as artifacts, including funerary scarabs, necklaces, amulets, vessels, figurines, and headdresses, and historical documents related to the trade and study of mummies.

Mummy of the woman Pesed (ca. 275 BC)
Mummy of the woman Pesed (ca. 275 BC)

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