Real Good for Free: Zombie Bomb @ Jillian’s, 5/13/10


Shayna Humphreys
Shayna Humphreys

Zombie Bomb.

They’re not just for Halloween anymore.

Zombie Bomb no longer fully relies on the make-up or clever stage names to drive home the fact that they are a horror-rock band. The truth – undead or otherwise – is that they don’t need to. They are a killer live act with femme fatale vocals that can go toe-to-toe tag with the best of them. Pony’s keyboards are used to great effect, in conjunction Dave’s ripping guitar riffs and Tara and Nick’s relentless rhythm parts, on drums and bass respectively.

But the thing that makes Zombie Bomb tick is the wholly other stage presence and strong, haunting vocals of singer Shayna Humphreys, who expertly lifts the dark lyrics to great heights. Zombie Bomb’s brand of horror rock is a potent potion made from part punk, part goth and eye of newt – the result of which can be epic.

The band also owes a big debt to the ’80s sound. I posed this ’80s influence question: “Roxette? Really, Roxette?” And Shayna responded, “Yep, Roxette. ‘Joyride’ was my first album as a kid, and it’s like my musical security blanket. I’ve never denied the fact that I am a big nerd.”

On Thursday night at Jillian’s in Albany, you can expect to hear old faves like “Resurrection Lullaby,” a killer cover Shriekback’s “Nemesis,” along with some well-received newer material such as “The Day After Halloween” and “The Bride.”

Hosting this sex ‘n’ brains ‘n’ rock and roll show is the ever loud-fast-infectious-punk-pop trio the Blisterz. A last minute line-up change will see the addition of Robot Monster replacing the previously scheduled Let Downs.

Story and photograph by Matt Mac Haffie

The Blisterz, Zombie Bomb, Robot Monster
8pm Thursday
Jillian’s, Albany

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    sounds like a good show!

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