There’s a New Sinner in Town…

3 sends our congrats out to John Rice and Courtney Blackwell Rice on the birth of their brand new baby girl, Hazel Julia Rice, who arrived on Saturday, April 17, weighing in at eight pounds and 12 ounces. Both parents are members of the Blackwell Sinners, and John Rice also plays in country/blues band the Red Haired Strangers.

Just three weeks before the arrival, mom Courtney was gigging with the Blackwell Sinners at The Linda in Albany at a benefit for the JC Club. Read our review here.

Now that’s what we call a real commitment to the band…

  1. Michael Poulopoulos says

    Much, much love and congratulations to a wonderful family and their latest addition!

  2. JRice says

    hey, thanks Greg. she’s taking after her mom & has been singing already!

  3. Vegas Linda Lou says

    Yay for Hazel! I’m looking forward to seeing the Blackwell Sinners on stage again soon!

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