Mike Marshall, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?


Mike Marshall
(Photo by Maria Camillo)
“That’s going back a ways. It was probably when I went to my first bluegrass festival, and I just cleaned up. I was living in Florida as a teenager and went up to Livonia, Georgia and hung out with all these southern musicians. I came back with a pile of records, I remember that, and I think those were the first albums that I ever bought. I just went nuts.

“I think the one I remember best was by J.D. Crowe and the New South with Tony Rice and Ricky Skaggs and Jerry Douglas, when they were all 17 or 19 years old or something like that.”

Mandolin master Mike Marshall teams up with the ever-eclectic Turtle Island String Quartet in concert at The Egg in Albany at 7:30pm on Sunday. Tix are $28.

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