Be Here Now: Blissed Out @ Saratoga Arts Center Gallery, 2/23/10


Eric Hardiman
Eric Hardiman
The Saratoga Arts Center has been presenting experimental and underground music of various genres since 2007, when they received a New York State Music Fund grant for their ArtSounds series, and more recently as Music@SaratogaArts.

The New York City-based electronic duo Blissed Out will be joined by Nippertown’s own Rambutan and Fossils From the Sun at 7:30pm Tuesday.

Initially coming together last summer as the sonic element of a video installation, Blissed Out has evolved into its own joyous, glitchy thing. In December, the duo released their debut recording, “Secrets,” on the Tropical Fantasy label – on vinyl in a limited edition pressing of 350. Maybe they’ll still have some for sale by the time they land in Saratoga…

“Blissed Out’s connections to the visual arts are especially appropriate for our venue,” explains Saratoga Arts’ director Joel Reed. “They’ll be performing in the gallery amidst the installation ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by artist Margo Mensing. Despite the title of Margo’s exhibition, we do expect the evening to be more than a bit unusual.”

Rambutan is one of the many noms-de-musique of Eric Hardiman, co-founder of the Albany Sonic Arts Collective, while Fossils From the Sun is Ray Hare, who happens to be Hardiman’s musical partner in Century Plants.

The musicians will be joined by video artist 1983, who will be mixing and projecting video clips on the spot, in response to the sounds.

Admission is $5.

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