Be Here Now: Sound + Voice + Image @ Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson 2/13/10


This Saturday, Sound + Voice + Image takes place at Nicole Fiacco Gallery in Hudson. It’s a fundraiser for community radio station WGXC, which has received its FCC license and is now trying to raise funds for equipment to launch its FM signal.

There’s actually two separate events. First, a free preview from 3-5pm offers postcard-sized artworks by over 70 artists. Get there early to scarf up your favorites, on sale for $50.

Contributing artists include Yura Adams, Nancy Azara, Peter Barton, Doug Beube, Vincent Bilotta, Darla Bjork, Marco Breuer, Victoria Brill, Carl Van Brunt, Matt Bua, Bunnybrains, David Chambard, Sasha Chermayeff, Nicole Cherubini, Leona Christie, John Cleater, Tim Clifford, Steven Courbois, Peggy Cyphers, Sue Daley, Dan Devine, Brian Dewan, Cornelius Eady, Richard Edelman, Jeanne Englert, Maggie Estep, Fall Harbor, Jeanette Fintz, Jacques Flechemuller, Clyde Forth, Alsion Fox, Max Goldfarb, Phillip Good, Mimi Graminski, Steve Gross, Jan Harrison, Peter Head, Julie Hedrick, Christine Heller, Jeremy Hoffeld, James Holl, Philip Howie, Peter Hutton, Jackson, Kim Jaye, Rainer Judd, James Krewson, Melora Kuhn, Lady Moon, Lisa LaMonica, Ken Landauer, John Lees, Ellen Leo, Ruth Leonard, Gay Leonhardt, Justin Lieberman, Mimi Lipson, Amy Maddon, Norm Magnusson, Mona Mark, Paul Matthews, Bernadette Mayer, Ieva Mediodia, Wayne Montecalvo, T.P. Moynihan, Portia Munson, Annie Nocenti, Norman Douglas, Caitlin Parker, Margo Pelletier, Chris Piazza, Myron Polenburg, Fawn Potash, Lucio Pozzi, Prana, George Quasha, Christopher Quirk, Jody Rael, R. Keith Rendall, Rossi, Tyler Rowland, Christie Rupp , Christy Rupp, Luc Sante, Howard Saunders, Sam Sebren, Nancy Shaver, Lora Shelley, Slink Moss, Jack Solomon, Allyson Strafella, Kianja Strobert, Oscar Strodl, Earl Swanigan, Deirdre Swords, Sam Truitt, Nitin Vadukul, Peter Wetzler & Julie Hedrick, Susan Wides, Rebecca Wolff and Jennifer Zackin.

Later that evening, the fundraiser continues with performances and readings (with MC Norman Douglas) by: Bunnybrains, Brian Dewan, Cornelius Eady, Maggie Estep, Fall Harbor, Peter Head, Lady Moon, Bernadette Mayer & Philip Good, Prana, George Quasha, Jody Rael, David Rothenberg & Matt Bua, Luc Sante, Studio Stu, Kimberly Truitt w/Peter Head, Sam Truitt, Peter Wetzler & Julie Hedrick, and Rebecca Wolff. 7-11pm. Admission: $10.

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