Flashback: Blasting Into The Past


Charlene Shortsleeve in front of QE2, Albany (photo by Dave Suarez)
Charlene Shortsleeve in front of QE2 (photo by Dave Suarez)

By some weird, cosmic coincidence, the beginning of 2010 is apparently making people wax nostalgic for the 1980’s:

The Fuzebox is remembering the late, fabled QE2 (it’s the 10th anniversary of its closing) with a QE2 Revival next Friday and Saturday, January 15-16, complete with music from the 80’s and a collection of decorations and posters from the QE2.

And two well-respected photographers, formerly of Nippertown, have delved into their archives and started posting old photos:

  • Dave Suarez has started a collection of photos from his Albany days on his Facebook page.
  • Rich Schoenberg has started a Facebook page for J.B. Scotts. If you’ve got photos or stories, you’re invited to post them.
  • What’s next, a Chateau reunion?

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  1. Aaron says

    i love these photos of 80s albany. keep more coming!

  2. -S says

    > with a QE2 Revival next Friday and Saturday, complete with music from the 80’s

    As opposed to… the usual 80’s night at the Fuzebox 🙂

  3. DJ Auryn says

    QE2 Revival Weekend!

    January 15th is Vamp: Remembers the QE2, and January 16th is in fact, the usual 80’s night, however with a few more hits that were played during the ol’ QE2 days and all of the decorations will still be up. I never went to the QE2, and always wondered what it was like, so I said hey, it’s been 10 years, lets do something!


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