Real Good for Free: Guitar Wars @ Tess’ Lark Tavern, 11/24/09


Tess Collins, the owner of Tess’ Lark Tavern in Albany, describes Guitar Wars as “‘American Idol’ for guitar players,” which pretty much sums it up.

Sponsored by radio station Q103, Guitar Wars will showcase some of Nippertown finest guitarslingers as they compete for a limited edition Yuengling/Martin guitar, alledgedly valued at $10,000.

The competition is open to all guitarists 21 years of age or older. Each guitarist will have up to three minutes to strut their best string strangling and fretboard fireworks on a cover song or original tune. Entrants can pre-register to compete online or in person at New Music in Albany.

The first night of competition takes place at Tess’ Lark Tavern in Albany on Tuesday (November 24) from 9-11pm.

Additional Guitar Wars competitions will be held at Savannah’s in Albany on Tuesday, December 1 and the Bayou Cafe in Albany on Wednesday, December 2. Each night, the top three guitarists as determined by the crowd will be selected to move on to the Guitar Wars final round of competition at 7pm on Thursday, December 12 at Revolution Hall in Troy.

There is no cost to enter the competition, and there is no admission charge for fans who want to attend the showdowns and cheer on their fave axman (or woman).

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