Be Here Now: “In C” @ Williams College


It’s been hailed as the first great minimalist composition. It’s also been described as “staring at a mirror for forty-five minutes.” And “a communal joyous cacophony of secular yet spiritual ecstasy.” And “altogether absorbing, exciting and moving, too.”

Music students, faculty and staff of Williams College will gather on the front steps of the campus’ Chapin Hall for a rousing performance of Terry Riley’s classic opus “In C” at 12:15pm Monday, May 11.

As adventurous a piece of music as “In C” is, it seems almost impossible that the composition is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

Last month, Riley joined an all-star ensemble (Philip Glass, Morton Subotnik, Osvaldo Golijov, Jon Gibson, Kronos Quartet’s David Harrington, conductor Dennis Russell Davies) for a huge anniversary performance at Carnegie Hall that drew rave reviews.

Riley isn’t slated to make an appearance at Williams, but don’t worry – his work can stand up on its own just fine.

The concert is free and will move into Chapin Hall in case of rain.

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