Quotable: Darryl Strawberry


OK, so I’m laying in bed on Wednesday night (well, OK, technically I guess it’s Thursday morning since the show comes on at midnight) watching “Tavis Smiley: Late Night on PBS.”

strawberryAnd there is Darryl Strawberry – ex-Met, ex-Yankee, eight-time All-Star and major league fuck-up – humping his new “inspirational” book, “Straw: Finding My Way.”

Let’s hope that Straw – whose career weathered the crazy-quilt, roller coaster ride of substance abuse, media scrutiny and countless legal trials and tribulations – may very well have learned a few lessons since his last major league at bat a decade ago, but it’s clear that humility isn’t one of them.

Because in the middle of the interview he states quite simply and plainly without hesitation, “I could have easily been the greatest of all time playing the game of baseball.” Yup, that’s what he said. On national television.

Not “I could have been one of the greatest…”
Or even “I could have been the greatest…”
But rather quite extravagantly and proudly “I could have easily been the greatest…”

And somewhere the head of Ted Williams is spinning in its cryogenic freezer.
And Willie Mays.

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