Best Theater of 2010: Nippertown’s Greg Haymes

December 28th, 2010, 12:05 pm by Greg

I had the opportunity to see more theater productions in 2010 than I have in most previous years, although still not as much as I’d like to have seen. So this list is far from comprehensive, but it reflects the very best of what I was able to see. And there were quite a few good productions that didn’t make the cut, which bodes well for the quality of theater that’s being produced right here in Nippertown.

Ironically and most unfortunately, the biggest news in the Nippertown theater world this year took place off-stage with the death knell for the New York State Theatre Institute in Troy. And the children of the Capital Region and beyond are all the poorer for it…

Here’s my Top 10 Capital Region Theater Productions of the year:

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Be Here Now: “Dark Meat on a Funny Mind” @ Spencertown Academy Arts Center, 4/17/10

April 14th, 2010, 1:05 pm by Sara
Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor

“Dark Meat on a Funny Mind,” a new play based on the life of comedian Richard Pryor, debuts in a staged reading this Saturday, April 17 at Spencertown Academy Arts Center in Spencertown.

Written by noted author (and Spencertown resident) Wesley Brown and read by actors Kevin Craig West and Derrick Maul, “Dark Meat on a Funny Mind”

captures the life of Richard Pryor, moving back and forward in time from his traumatic childhood in Peoria, Illinois, to his experiences in the army, and pivotal moments in his life as a stand-up comedian. It reflects on a time when Pryor, confined to a wheelchair by multiple sclerosis, confronts his demons and self-destructive impulses by acknowledging them while transforming them into his renowned style of humor.

“Dark Meat on a Funny Mind” is the second production from Works In Progress, a series of three spoken word productions exploring new work by local writers. The series continues on Saturday, June 5 with “Essie and Roe,” a screenplay by Rose Ross and Elizabeth Wilen-Berg.

“Dark Meat on a Funny Mind” @ Spencertown Academy Arts Center
4pm on Saturday, April 17
Tickets: $12
Tickets will be available at the door, and there will be a reception with the author and actors following the performance.

Take It From the Top: Shawn Colvin

October 27th, 2009, 1:33 pm by Greg

songswithoutrhyme“we had to call the police again on the mexican bachelors next door. it’s kind of a thrill to call the police on somebody, and my husband and i agreed that we weren’t being reckless because we had asked them twice already to turn the music down and it was 2 a.m. and the last time this happened the baby woke up. we live in an apartment complex and although each unit has a front door, most of the residents use their garages to enter their apartments. we knew, therefore, that the mexicans drove a mercedes and a lexus, a detail that made an impression on my husband, who appreciates fine automobiles. we could also see that the inside of their garage was plastered with absolut vodka ads and pinups of naked women. so we knew the mexican bachelors were young, upscale, and liked to party, and that was fine, but enough was enough.”

(Shawn Colvin’s “Bonefields” from “Songs Without Rhyme: Prose By Celebrated Songwriters,” 2001)

At the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on Sunday, November 1, Shawn Colvin plays a benefit concert for Sky Lake Lodge, a Shambhala Buddhist meditation center in Rosendale. Dean Batstone opens the show.

Royal de Luxe’s Berlin Reunion

October 13th, 2009, 10:03 am by Sara

As we mentioned before, the French contemporary street theater Royal de Luxe staged a citywide performance in Berlin over that unfolded over the course of three days. Over a million people came to watch. We are sad that we weren’t able to be there, but we are glad that The Big Picture at has a fantastic series of photographs of the event:

(photo by Philipp Guelland)

(photo by Philipp Guelland)

Pretty scary, eh kids? Blood, Fangs & Claws Film Fest @ The Madison Theater

October 1st, 2009, 10:56 am by Sara

BloodFangsAndClawsMadisonStarting Friday, October 2 through the following week, you can catch several locally-made horror movies at the Madison Theater in Albany. Dr. GriGri will be your host, introducing the following short films:

Jay Ruzicka:KAZZULA


Frank Palangi: two parts of a multi part anthology, THE LOST

Michael Kazlo II: CRYPTID (premiere)

Show times on Friday and Saturday nights will be 7pm and 12midnight. Contact the Madison Theater for the show times during the week.

This event coincides with the premiere of the new Woody Harrelson movie, “Zombieland.” With the purchase of a ticket to the Blood, Fangs & Claws Film Fest, you have the opportunity of buying a ticket to “Zombieland” at the reduced price of $6.

Comin’ Soon…

September 30th, 2009, 2:26 pm by Greg

Here are some of the upcoming Nippertown shows that have been announced this week:

Here’s a bit of an unlikely collaboration: Dobro master Jerry Douglas and his band with John Oates. Yes, that John Oates of Hall & Oates. It’s all happening at The Egg in Albany on Friday, December 11: the Jerry Douglas Band, John Oates and just for good measure, let’s throw in the sublime Maura O’Connell as well. Wow!

The Greencards

The Greencards

They’ve been making annual December appearances at The Egg for quite a few years, but it looks like Hot Tuna won’t be scrambling up the holiday concert season at The Egg this year. But if you’re jonesin’ for a fix, you don’t have too far to go. Acoustic Hot Tuna will be pullin’ into the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on Sunday, December 13. Other new shows on the Bearsville Theater schedule include Jerry Joseph and Danny Louis (Saturday, October 10), the Greencards (Saturday, October 17), Railroad Earth (Friday and Saturday, November 13-14) and Donna the Buffalo (Saturday, December 12).

Skid Row (photo by Evan Barlteson)

Skid Row (photo by Evan Barlteson)

And just in time for Halloween, Skid Row skids into Northern Lights in Clifton Park on Friday, October 30. Pretty scary, eh? Other new shows headed into Northern Lights include John “Dr. Dirty” Valby (Friday, November 13), Metric (Saturday, November 21) and Thursday with Dillinger Escape Plan (Friday, December 18).

LIVE: Samara Lubelski @ the Saratoga Arts Center, 9/19/09

September 23rd, 2009, 9:26 am by Greg

Samara Lubelski

Samara Lubelski

Singer-songwriter Samsara Lubelski and electronic sound generator Helen Rush rolled into the Saratoga Arts Center’s Dee Sarno Theater on Saturday, September 19, for a night of light and airy ambient music with a decidedly 1960’s twist.

Drifting over her gentle guitar chords and Rush’s sonic fills, Lubelski’s silky voice created a dreamy and nostalgic mood, resonating with echoes of Melanie, Judy Collins or Basia with the volume turned way down low. And under the influence of heavy hallucinogenics.

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Comin’ Soon…

September 9th, 2009, 11:45 am by Greg

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience

The Man in Black is back? Well, not quite. But recently added to the concert calendar at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is tribute act, “David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience,” on Sunday, October 11. How good are they? Well, I don’t really know, but they had the cojones to go to San Quentin Prison and do their thing earlier this year on the 40th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s legendary concert (and subsequent live album).

The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock welcomes Steve Kimock on Friday, November 6 and Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams on Friday, November 27.

The fall concert series at Old Songs in Voorheesville will include performances by Brian McNeill (Thursday, September 24), Beppe Gambetta (Friday, October 2), Patrick Ball‘s “The Flame of Love” (Friday, October 30), “The Visitors” featuring Dan Berggren, Peggy Lynn, Joe Bruchac, John Kirk, more (Saturday, November 7) and the Jeremy Kittel World Band (Saturday, November 21).

The return of interplanetary metalheads GWAR is always cause for much excitement – and lots of consternation, too – so we’re happy to report that the ever-popular scumdogs of the universe will be stepping back into the spotlight at Northern Lights in Clifton Park in support of their 25th anniversary album, “Lust in Space,” on Friday, December 11. GWAR at Christmastime?!? More fun than a dozen Andy Williams holiday specials.



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