LIVE: “Woody Sez” @ the Wood Theater, 7/21/12

July 25th, 2012, 11:00 am by Greg

Woody Sez @ the Wood Theater

Review by Greg Haymes

Earlier this month (July 14, to be exact), we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the Godfathers of American Folk Music, Woody Guthrie. So the timing of “Woody Sez” – presented at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls by the Adirondack Theatre Festival as the closing show of their 2012 season – couldn’t have been any better. But this is a show that reaches deep into the heart of America – yes, Guthrie did pen the American folksinger’s national anthem, “This Land Is Your Land” – in so many ways that are both historical and decidedly contemporary.

Whether it was talking blues, dust bowl ballads, union anthems or kids’ songs, Woody sang ’em all straight from his heart without pulling any punches, and “Woody Sez” does an excellent job of not only presenting the music and the life of Woody Guthrie, but also in capturing his indomitable spirit.

Woody’s songs gave voice to the common people – the factory workers, the dirt farmers, the migrant fruit pickers – and “Woody Sez” offers a mighty fine representation of Woody’s own voice, silenced since his death from Huntington’s disease in 1967.

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Uncle Floyd Returns to His Old Stompin’ Grounds

August 26th, 2011, 2:30 pm by Greg

The Wood Theater in Glens Falls plays host to “The 1911 Vaudeville Show” at 8pm on Saturday and again at 2pm on Sunday. The star of the show is Nippertown’s own multi-talented Laura Roth, but don’t be surprised if comedians Floyd Vivino and Michael T. Wright end up stealing the show with their old-school vaudeville routines.

You might not recognize the name Floyd Vivino, but you may know his alter-ego Uncle Floyd, the host and mastermind of the low-budget but brilliant children’s TV show parody and old-school variety show, “The Uncle Floyd Show,” which aired on cable TV throughout NYC and New Jersey from 1974-1998. The show quickly achieved cult status, garnering such fans as John Lennon and David Bowie. (Heck, Bowie even wrote a song about the show – name-checking Floyd and his puppet cohorts Oogie and Bones Boy in “Slip Away” on his 2002 “Heathens” album).

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Calling All Actors…

January 18th, 2011, 3:36 pm by Greg

Earlier this month when we published our Nippertown Wish List for 2011, one of the items that we hoped for was “more co-operation between arts groups.”

And this is exactly the kind of thing that we had in mind…

The Adirondack Regional Theatres Auditions – a collaborative effort between more than a dozen of the area’s theater groups – will take place at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls from 1-9pm on Tuesday, February 22. The unified auditions are open to Equity and non-Equity actors, as well as theater technical support personnel.

Among the theater groups who have already signed on to participate are:

Adirondack Theatre Festival
The Depot Theatre
Dorset Theatre Festival
Fort Salem Theater
Glens Falls Community Theatre
Home Made Theater
Lake George Dinner Theatre
Lake George Theatre Lab
Last of the Mohicans Outdoor Drama
Old Castle Theatre
Pendragon Theatre
Saratoga Shakespeare Company
WrightStage Productions

Visit the Adirondack Regional Theatres website for further information.

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