LIVE: Ryan Winkles Sparkles and Fizzes as Crumpet in Santaland Diaries @ Shakespeare & Company [Berkshire on Stage]

December 6th, 2011, 12:00 pm by Sara
The SantaLand Diaries @ Shakespeare & Company (photo by Kevin Sprague)

Review: The mirth and jokes bubble over in Shakespeare & Company’s latest version of the Santaland Diaries. Banished is the mawkish sentimentality of commercial Christmas, replaced instead by the story of a Macy’s elf dealing with the reality of working retail at this time of year.

It’s a very different kind of holiday show, with both the “feel of time gone by with today’s edgy, fast-paced, tension-filled 24/7 lifestyle,” says director Tony Simotes in his program notes.

Instead of a neatly wrapped morality tale like A Christmas Carol, or a sweet dream like The Nutracker, Santaland Diaries is one person’s recounting of his “Christmas from Hell.” In the hands of Shakespeare & Company it turns out to be one delightful barrel of laughs.

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