LIVE: The Radiators @ The Egg, 3/19/11

March 23rd, 2011, 5:00 pm by Greg
The Radiators

Think back: What’s the longest you’ve been involved with one single thing – a job, a relationship, whatever? Well, the Radiators have been doing their thing for 33 years. I don’t know about you, but the only thing I’ve done for that long is living! So it’s sort of understandable that these veterans of the New Orleans music scene would want to finally call it quits. What’s cool, though, is the band is currently giving their longtime fans one last chance for one last bash, and Albany’s “Fish Heads” (not to be confused with “Phish Heads”) were literally dancing in the aisles at The Egg.

Now, there’s no delicate way to say this: The miles definitely show. Compare the lead vocalist in that video we posted for “Suck the Head” with the pictures of the guy playing keyboards at the Swyer last Saturday night. That’s primary songwriter Ed Volker, who now looks like an Amish guy stuck in the best dream of his life – an image he reinforced when, after he busted us up with “Ace in the Hole”, he leaned down to one of the beautiful young women dancing near his instruments and said reproachfully, “You’re gonna end up in the hoosegow if you keep dancing like that!”

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