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LIVE: Slowshine / Mod Fiction / the Mysteios @ the Low Beat, 3/26/15

Friday, April 17th, 2015


Photographs by Timothy Reidy

The Three-Dollar Thursday at the Low Beat is one of Nippertown’s best musical bangs for your bucks. Three bands for just $3 – in this case, it was Slowshine, Mod Fiction and garage-rockin’ gurus the Mysteios, led by Tambourine Girl.

Now that’s what we call a good deal…



LIVE: The Fleshtones @ the River Street Pub, 3/8/15

Thursday, March 12th, 2015
Peter Zarema of the Fleshtones

Peter Zarema of the Fleshtones

Review by Ross Marvin
Photographs by Ed Conway

The unfettered, unfiltered cool of the Fleshtones

Here’s an America that’s nearly impossible to imagine: Andy Warhol has a TV show on MTV. On the show is a garage revival band called the Fleshtones. They play a sinewy, melodic dirge and their young, statuesque singer Peter Zaremba flips his long bangs across his forehead as he taps a tambourine. Then, in the foreground of your not-so-flat TV set, appears a pre-Gandalf, pre-Magneto, but no less magnetic Sir Ian McKellan. He starts reciting a Shakespearian sonnet. No, I’m not having a bad trip. Here’s the proof, just one click away in YouTube land.

Hard to believe, right? MTV, and not a pregnant teenager in sight.


LIVE: The Lawn Sausages @ The Hangar, 12/14/13

Monday, January 6th, 2014
The Lawn Sausages

The Lawn Sausages

Photographs by Timothy Reidy

They said it couldn’t be done, but there it was on stage at The Hangar in Troy – a reunion of the Lawn Sausages. Call it an early Christmas present for Local 518 music fans of questionable taste…

Of course, it wasn’t pretty. Never was. Never will be.


New Release Rack: The Mysteios’ “Play Louder!”

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The Mysteios: Play LouderJust when you thought it was safe to back into the garage… the Mysteios are back!

Led by raucous guitarist-vocalist Johnny Mystery, the fuzzed-out garage-rockin’ combo is back with their new release “Play Louder!” The six-song disc features such sure-to-be-classic nuggets as “Go Get It Somewhere Else,” “Cry Little Space Girl,” “15 Dizzy Chicks” and our favorite song-title of the year so far “Va Va Va Va Va Va Voodoo Bay-Bee.”

The disc was recorded at Don Fury Studio in Troy with Mr. Fury himself handling the production chores, which sounds like it should be a perfect fit for the Mysteios’ throwback, rumble-in-the-alley, raw-pop sound.

The Mysteios – also featuring drummer Mark La Rose, bassist Jo Mosrite and the aptly named Tambourine Girl – will unveil their new disc and celebrate with a live performance bash at the River Street Beat Shop in Troy at 2pm on Saturday (February 2). Admission is free.

Real Good for Free: “Remember the Strip” @ River Street Beat Shop, 10/22/11

Friday, October 21st, 2011
The Mysteios (photo by Timothy Reidy)

The Mysteios (photo by Timothy Reidy)

The River Street Beat Shop is in flashback mode, as it conjures up the Troy music scene of yesteryear on Saturday.

Shop owner Jim Barrett has organized a block party/music fest featuring Off the Record, the Mysteios and the reunited Sharks – all for the benefit of the Hope 7 Community Center in Troy. Music will run from 12noon-4pm on Saturday. The bash was originally slated for Saturday, October 1, but was postponed due to the weather.

Admission is free, although concert-goers are urged to bring a non-perishable food item or two to donate to Hope 7’s food pantry.

LIVE: The Catbirds @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 4/30/11

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
The Catbirds

The Catbirds

In the last year, I have seen both the Chandler Travis Philharmonic and the Chandler Travis Philharmonette, but on Saturday, I saw a completely different side of Chandler Travis as he brought another one of his side projects, the Catbirds, to Valentine’s Music Hall for their Albany debut. The evening started off with the Mysteios blasting through their 45-minute set in true punk fashion. John Brierly, with his guitar slung low, flew through each 2-3 minute song at rapid-fire speed, moving from one to the other, leaving barely enough time to tune between them – and with the intensity he played, this was a frequent necessity.

The second band up was the Catbirds. My curiosity was at a peak. How would they fare after hard rock onslaught of the openers? It didn’t take too long to find out the answer. These cats can rock!!! Right from the first song, “Fish Outta Water,” it was clear this was not going to be another Philharmonic show. Oh, the humor and fine playing skill was there, but they also displayed primal sounds of fully distorted instruments. In previous reviews, I have described drummer Rikki Bates as very solid in a minimalist way – never too flashy. He really let his hair down and showed he was as good as anyone I have seen – all with that same minimalist drum kit.


CD: The Mysteios’ “Journey Into the Mysteios”

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Journey Into The Mysteios(Hi-Fi Sci-Fi, 2010):

On their MySpace page, the Mysteios are right up front about what they do:

“Just be aware that we play rock, we play loud and we only play songs we like. We had a misunderstanding about this not too long ago at Colonie Ctr. and we are now banned from if I give a SHIT. We like beer, rock and people of loose morals who still believe in American values.
Mark, Manfred, Moe, Sam & Johnny”


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