LIVE: The Last Conspirators @ Valentine’s, 3/23/12

April 6th, 2012, 1:00 pm by Greg
The Last Conspirators

The Last Conspirators: Terry Plunkett, Al Kash, TL Stone and Nick Bisanz

Review and photographs by Kirsten Ferguson

“Thirty years ago this weekend in a shit bar downtown called the Chateau Lounge, a band no one gave a shit about called the Morons did their final gig,” said singer TL Stone (aka Tim Livingston), an original member of the Morons and the current frontman for the Last Conspirators.

He and Morons sax player (and one-time drummer) Max “The Sax” Media had joined opening act the Knyghts of Fuzz onstage at Valentine’s to pay tribute to the 30-year anniversary of the long-defunct Albany group.

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FLASHBACK: The First LarkFest Theme Song

September 14th, 2011, 11:00 am by Greg
Bands for LarkFest 1981

Photo taken at Lark Beat Records of bandmembers from the Morons, the Units and the Young Reptiles (the A.D.’s were not available for the photo shoot) to promote the first LarkFest. Also, Scot Gray from the Lumpen Proles somehow is in the photo.

Hot on the heels of their first single, “Suburbanite,” in 1981, the Morons were at their peak when selected to perform at the inaugural LarkFest in Albany. Put together by local businesswomen Mary Miller of Lark Beat Records and Dana Rudolph of After the Gold Rush, no one knew what to expect from this initial street fair that was organized to promote the then just-budding Lark Street business community and the local original underground music scene. The results far exceeded the expectations as the Morons, along with contemporaries the Units, the A.D.’s and the Young Reptiles showcased before thousands that attended that day.

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Flashback: It Was 30 Years Ago – the Morons

December 9th, 2010, 12:06 pm by Greg

The Morons Chateau PosterWith a series of holiday gigs in December, 1980, looming for the Morons at the legendary Albany new-wave dive-bar, the Chateau Lounge, the band wanted to add a Christmas song to the set list.

Guitarist Billy the M came up with a fast riff combined with a poppy organ part that lead singer TL Stone could shout a punked-out version of “Silent Night” over. They played their irreverent version of the classic carol each night of the three-night stand.

Once the holiday was over, the Morons felt the riff was too good to give-up. Stone had a lyric kicking around, written on a brown paper lunch bag during in-school suspension his senior year of high school, about growing up in the Albany suburb of Schodack.

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