LIVE: The Malone Brothers @ The Egg, 4/14/12 (A Slight Return)

April 26th, 2012, 2:00 pm by Greg

Review and video by Daniel Hogan

I just heard about this concert on Wednesday before the show, and after the great experience I had seeing Joan Osborne play in the Swyer Theatre a couple of weeks earlier, combined with my love of Dave Malone’s old band the Radiators made me want to attend this concert. I asked three different friends if they wanted to go, but they all had conflicts, and momma doesn’t like live music, so I loaded fresh batteries in my camera, put in a new SD card, put on my jeans and Radiators T-shirt. I headed down to The Egg, bought a ticket and also renewed by membership to The Egg.

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LIVE: The Malone Brothers @ The Egg, 4/14/12

April 23rd, 2012, 4:00 pm by Greg
The Malone Brothers

Review by Fred Rudofsky
Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

The history of brothers playing together in the same band is worth noting. Think of the Davies brothers in the Kinks, the Alvin Brothers in the Blasters, Phil and Don in the Everly Brothers and Charlie and Ira of the Louvin Brothers. In all, they had their personal differences, sometimes resulting in physical altercations and estrangements, but the music on record or in concert by each band was classic. As for Hanson and the Jonas Brothers – well, let’s just say their lack fighting may have correlated in a lack of quality. Is there an axiom you’re sensing here? It would make a fine premise for a book or Fulbright award project.

Other than the Holmes Brothers, the Malone Brothers (Dave and Tommy) may be the only band of brothers in recent memory who get along and play outstanding music. Natives of Lousiana and members of iconic bands the Radiators and the subdudes respectively for over two decades, Dave and Tommy Malone finally have time to jam like they did as kids. Dave’s band hung it up a few months ago, and Tommy’s went on hiatus last year.

With fellow Louisianans Ray Ganucheau on bass and Erik Golson on drums, the Malone Brothers made their Nippertown debut at The Egg on Saturday night, offering up old favorites, new songs, stories and impromptu humor, as well as four inspired covers by their favorite songwriters.

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