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LIVE: The Hello Strangers @ The Linda, 10/10/14

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

The Hello Strangers @ The Linda, 10/10/14

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Straight outta Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, the Hello Strangers rode into Nippertown last month for their Albany debut at The Linda. Following a smart opening set by Rebel Darling, the sisters Brechyn Chace (vocals, tambourine, harmonica, accordion) and Larissa Chace Smith (vocals, guitar) stepped up to the microphone and led their band through a twang-filled set of “bona fide Americana,” as they call it. From heartbreaking tear-in-your-beer ballads to rousing roadhouse honky tonkin’, the gals wove their sublime sibling harmonies into a web that entranced the crowd from start to finish.



LIVE: Ian McLagan @ The Linda, 10/21/14

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
(photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)

(photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)

Review by Fred Rudofsky
Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk, Gene Sennes

“These bum notes you hear tonight will be different tomorrow night,” quipped Ian McLagan to a room full of fans at The Linda on a recent Monday night. Only a musician of his caliber, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, could find fault with his own performance midway through one of the best concerts in Nippertown this year.

Accompanied by Jon Notarthomas on bass, occasional guitar and harmony vocals, McLagan embraced his illustrious past with the Small Faces and the Faces while offering generous helpings from his fecund solo career. Standing behind his keyboard – the man just never sits down – he was a rocking raconteur, singing and storytelling with the raspy vigor of someone who has had a real good time despite the vicissitudes of crooked managers (“We made peace with Andrew Loog Oldham, but not the late Don Arden – so fuck ‘im!!”) and mercurial lead singers (“Rod Stewart hated the key, so Ronnie Wood chose to sing it”). He gave shout-outs to his adopted hometown (“Come to Austin! Come to the Lucky Lounge!” “), offered a hilarious substitute curse for when children are in the audience (“Gwyneth Paltrow! It makes me feel rather good just saying her name!”), spoke with great wit and love about his Irish relatives, and railed quite compellingly against the scam against musicians that is Spotify and the woeful sonic inadequacies of MP3s.


LIVE: TriBeCaStan @ The Linda, 10/11/14

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Review by J Hunter
Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

If you want to set off one of my more epic rants, come at me with that old saw about “Smallbany” (“Oh, there’s NOTHING happening here…”), and then step back a few feet so you can watch me turn into the Tasmanian Devil without getting caught in the shock wave. It doesn’t take a lot of looking around to see the wealth of cultural goodness that’s coming to this area on a regular basis; I just wish more people had looked long enough to see TriBeCaStan was playing The Linda, because this eye-crossing music needs to be experienced.

“It’s great to be in Albania!” TriBeCaStan leader/multi-instrumentalist John Kruth enthused in a Borat-quality accent. Then he added drily, “We thought there might be more people in Albania…” The crowd may have been small, but their fervor for what this mammoth group dished out started big and grew exponentially. And I do mean mammoth, both in size and sound: A septet can put a pretty decent strain on The Linda’s limited stage space, and there were so many instruments and amplifiers stuffed onto that space, emcee Michael Eck had to play his opening solo-acoustic set on the floor in front of the stage. Mind you, most of those instruments were only played by two people – Kruth and his partner-in-madness Jeff Greene – but trust me, they all played a part in what I believe is a completely new genre: BIZARRO World Music!


The Cammys Are Coming! The Cammys Are Coming…

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

The Cammys

Last year, Dan Coler of the Tier One Talent Group launched the Capital Area Live Music Awards, honoring Local 518 musicians and bands with an inaugural awards show at Trick Shot Billiards & Sports Pub in Clifton Park.

The event was described by the organizers as “an evening of awards honoring music artists from all genres who perform in the greater Albany, NY region. Our area’s version of the Grammys, we like to call the Jammys.”

Well, they’re coming back for a sophomore year… with several changes.


LIVE: “Boogie for Bob” @ The Linda, 9/28/14

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Review and video by Joel Patterson

You could feel the love at The Linda. The musical community from near and far saluted Albany’s own Bob Girouard with an afternoon of roadhouse blues and rockabilly in which the half dozen bands he’s played in over the years (Hair of the Dog, Aged in the Hills, Ernie Williams Tribute Band, Bluz House Rockers, Diva & the Dirty Boys and Urban Gumbo) definitely made roar happen – and which finally exploded into a one-time reunion and farewell blast to his original ’70s-era band Forest. (These guys – forget about it!)

The bash was also a benefit for research into Parkinson’s disease, which Bob’s been battling since 2003. In between acts, the lights dimmed to screen scenes from “About a Band,” the documentary I did that traces the reunion of Urban Gumbo, his current project. Bob’s dynamic and arresting vocal performances (in particular his duet with Lisa Gordon) brought standing ovations. Cueing up scenes from a DVD in the projection booth at the Linda is slightly touchy, I mean, who knew that going to full screen would automatically start the file playing? I wouldn’t, obviously. But hey, live and learn…

A Few Minutes With… Bob Girouard

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
Bob Girouard

Bob Girouard

Interview and story by Don Wilcock
Photographs by Joe Glickman

“I’d never had a sick day in my life,” says drummer/vocalist Bob Girouard. “All of a sudden, I got on stage at Siro’s, August, 2003. It was with Jimmy (Anderson) and (his wife) Trish in Bluz House Rockers. My right hand just froze, wouldn’t even move. What is this? They misdiagnosed it as carpel tunnel syndrome.”

It turned out to be Parkinson’s Disease.

Eleven years later, the benefit concert “Boogie for Bob” at The Linda in Albany on Sunday (September 28) will bring together many of the local musicians who are the backbone of the area’s vibrant scene to honor Girouard. Hair of the Dog, Aged in the Hills, the Ernie Williams Tribute Band, the Bluz House Rockers, Diva & the Dirty Boys, Urban Gumbo and the Massachusetts-based band Forest are all bands that vocalist/drummer Bob Girouard has either played with or been involved with as the concert and corporate sponsor coordinator for the City of Albany Office of Special Events from 1990-2003. The 11 years since he was diagnosed have shown Bob that he doesn’t have to deal with this disease alone.


LIVE: Ester Rada @ WAMC-FM’s The Linda, 6/26/14

Thursday, July 24th, 2014
Ester Rada

Ester Rada

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Twenty-something Ester Rada is a thoroughly captivating Israeli singer-songwriter of Ethiopian heritage who made her Nippertown debut last month at WAMC-FM’s Performing Arts Studio, The Linda in Albany in support of her recently released self-titled debut album.


LIVE: Marty Wendell @ WAMC-FM’s The Linda, 6/20/14

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
Sean and Marty Wendell

Sean and Marty Wendell

Review and photographs by Stanley Johnson

Last week at WAMC-FM’s The Linda in Albany, Rockabilly Hall of Fame recording artist Marty Wendell celebrated 50 years of making music, surrounded by family and friends.

The concert began with a solo set by Jefferson Thomas, originally a member of Marty’s band during the ’80s and now the producer of Wendell’s new work-in-progress. Thomas played a song about his late father for his mother who was in the audience, as well as other original songs including “Are We Growing Up Or Growing Old” and “She Don’t Like It When It Rains.” A fine guitarist, Thomas also delivered several covers such as “Get Back” and “Ode To Billy Joe.”

Thomas then introduced Marty Wendell and his band, which included, Marty’s son Sean on guitar and daughter Hilary on vocals. Guest artist Kelly Bird added backing vocals, as well as solo turn on “Walking After Midnight” and a duet with Marty on “My Blue Heaven.”


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