LIVE: The Gospel Jubilee @ Proctors, 4/22/12

April 25th, 2012, 4:00 pm by Greg
Patty Gordon (choir director), Kim Dixon (lead singer) and the Jubilee Mass Choir

Patty Gordon (choir director), Kim Dixon (lead singer) and the Jubilee Mass Choir

Review by Valerie Medeiros
Photographs by Rudy Lu

My companion and I arrived early, and I was able to see the capacity-filled audience come in. I was immediately struck by the sense of community. Many ladies of the church in their lovely finery and Sunday-go-to-meeting hats, men dressed properly in suits shared warm laughter, greetings and good will. Rather than addressing each other as Mr. and Mrs. It was Brother and Sister so and so, and how are you?

It got me to thinking, was this going to be a performance or a praise service – in other words, church? I was hoping for the latter. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but this middle-aged white lady grew up in the Pentecostal church in the “wrong” side of town. The only white church family member, singing in the choir, the Preacher’s kids used to giggle and call me the cream in the Oreo cookie. All in good fun. “Sing out! Sing out,” my Pastor Bright used to shout. I had high expectations for the event.

The Jubilee Mass Choir and the Hamilton Hill Steel Drummers opened with “I Hear Music in the Air.” A choir is all about out of many one, and in one voice they did a hand clapping high energy tune to set the mood for joyful praise, and they meant business!

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