Watch/Don’t Watch: The Crow-A-Thon on Netflix Instant Watch

October 24th, 2013, 1:00 pm by Greg

Reviews by Greg Haymes

Thanks to Netflix, I finally got around to watching “The Dark Knight Rises,” and alas, it was just as disappointing as I feared it might be. I was bummed…

It made me yearn for a good old-fashioned, myth-based, revenge-driven, inner-city tale. Perhaps a movie like “The Crow,” which I hadn’t watched in quite a while. Would it hold up nearly 20 years later? Yes, indeed it did, and so in the spirit of the Halloween season I decided – ultimately somewhat foolishly – to launch into a full-fledged, day-long “Crow-A-Thon,” which included the three “Crow” sequels, none of which I’d previously viewed.

Yes, they’re all currently available on Netflix Instant Watch, but as evidenced by my reviews, you’ve probably got something better to do with your time. Like washing the car. Or re-alphabetizing your bookshelves by the author’s first name. Or… whatever.

Here’s the low-down on all four “Crow” movies:

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