LIVE: The Arch Stanton Quartet @ the Parish Public House, 10/25/14

November 5th, 2014, 4:00 pm by Greg
James Ketterer, Chris Macchia, Roger Noyes and Steve Partyka

James Ketterer, Chris Macchia, Roger Noyes and Steve Partyka

Review by J Hunter
Photographs by Rudy Lu

I was sitting at the bar of the Parish Public House, sipping a club soda and waiting for the Arch Stanton Quartet to come on, when I said to myself, “This is a weird place for a drop party!” I mean, sure, jazz acts have played the Public House – and its previous incarnation, Red Square – before, and the club’s recent NOLA-flavored reboot makes it more conducive to the genre. But it’s fair to say that this congenial downtown space is not on “the circuit” of places Greater Nippertown jazz fans frequent on a regular basis.

And that’s when it hit me that the Parish Public House was the perfect site for a drop party… for the Arch Stanton Quartet. Of the many things I like about the ASQ, their willingness (indeed, their determination) to play outside the box is right up front. Put simply, nobody else in the region sounds like this group, and they’ve worked at that with the dedication of a pack of Corgi puppies chasing a bouncing ball down a narrow hallway. Therefore, why should they give even a smidge of that vibe up in exchange for what might be considered “cred” by people who won’t make the trek outside their comfort zone?

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A Few More Minutes With… Roger Noyes of the Arch Stanton Quartet

October 21st, 2014, 2:00 pm by Greg
Roger Noyes

Roger Noyes

CD Review and interview by J Hunter
Photograph by Rudy Lu

Blues for Soli
(WEPA Records)

In hindsight, I may have done the Arch Stanton Quartet a disservice by referring to their stripped-out underground sound as “garage-band jazz.” All us grey-haired rockers can wax poetic about garage bands like the Music Explosion, the Count Five and – my favorite – the Standells serving up two minutes-and-change of nasty, uncultured excellence… but the Electric Prunes and the Count Five never had a chance to experience sophomore slump because they dropped out after the first semester! Well, the Arch Stanton Quartet is back with Blues For Soli, and there are two bits of good news: First, no sophomore slump here; and second, Greater Nippertown’s musical ambassadors are STILL as nasty as they want to be!

It was their short-but-intense tour of Egypt in 2013 that helped birth the disc’s first four tracks (also known as the “Lady Egypt Suite”), and there’s a definite intensity to the opening track “Kofta.” The introduction has this swirling, almost drunken quality to it that makes you wonder, “How bad will this trip be?” Then drummer Steven Partyka hits this sweet groove straight out of Freddie Hubbard’s “Red Clay,” and the ASQ is serving up the funk their way; that involves mixing whip-tight guitar from Roger Noyes with open, almost snarling trumpet from Terry Gordon (who is SO on his game throughout this date), while bassist Chris Macchia bows a counter that evokes Frankenstein skanking down the street while sipping from a bottle of schnapps.

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LIVE: Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival @ Jennings Landing, 9/7/13

September 16th, 2013, 4:00 pm by Greg
Charlie Hunter (photo by Richard Brody)

Charlie Hunter (photo by Richard Brody)

Review by J Hunter
Photographs by Rudy Lu, Richard Brody and Cheri Bordelon

It’s taken a few years, but nowadays I’ll cop to the fact that I’m a pretty negative person. The glass is always half empty, and the weather is “mostly cloudy”, not “partly sunny.” So I had a lot of worries going into the 12th annual Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival – not about the bill (which was as solid as ever, despite having only two national acts), but about external factors. Forget that there were two decent-sized music festivals happening at the same time as Riverfront: Rest Fest in Troy and the New Music Festival at Empire State Plaza. Was Riverfront going to suffer repercussions from last year’s (albeit necessary) weather-related mid-fest shutdown?

As usual, I should have taken an extra chill pill before heading down to Corning Preserve. It was just like old times, as the early-comers coated themselves with sunblock at the top of the amphitheater more than a half-hour before the first act hit the stage; the crowd was growing nicely by the time Sensemaya was mid-way through their super-sweet set, and both grassy knolls flanking the space were filling up with lawn chairs and blankets. People were bopping and swaying and ready to get stuck in for a good time, and not even the steady drizzle that came down later in the day could dampen their spirits. People just popped their umbrellas or snapped up their hoods and said, “Bring it on! This year, we’re here to stay!”

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The Arch Stanton Quartet Tours Egypt

March 28th, 2013, 11:00 am by Greg

Albany-based jazz band the Arch Stanton Quartet completed a tour of Egypt last week, and the band’s guitarist Roger Noyes reports on the journey…

By Roger Noyes

Touring a country like post-revolution Egypt is one thing … but to do so as a jazz musician embarking on a cultural mission is something else entirely, and we are honored for having had this incredible, life-altering experience.

While in Egypt last week, the Arch Stanton Quartet performed two dates at the Cairo International Jazz Festival; two performances for high school students (many of whom had never heard American jazz music before) in Cairo and Alexandria; a reception in Alexandria; a performance for students and faculty at the American University in Cairo; a series of jazz workshops and master classes at the American University in Cairo; and a reception with cultural affairs officials from the U.S. Embassy.

We even fit in some time to see the Pyramids.

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LIVE: The Arch Stanton Quartet @ More Bread & Jam, 11/17/12

November 20th, 2012, 4:00 pm by Greg

The Arch Stanton Quartet (photo by Rudy Lu)

Photograph by Rudy Lu

The Arch Stanton Quartet – featuring trumpeter Terry Gordon, guitarist Roger Noyes, bassist Chris Macchia and drummer Steve Partyka – played to a full house at the More Bread & Jam Cafe in Cohoes last weekend in celebration of the release of their debut CD, “Along for the Ride.” (Read our review of the new album here.)

At the performance, it was also revealed that the band would soon be headed to Cairo. No, not Green County. Cairo, Eygpt.

Former ASQ drummer Jim Ketterer is currently based in Egypt, where he is the director of the educational organization AMIDEAST. And last Friday evening, Ketterer announced that ASQ will perform at the Cairo Jazz Festival in March, co-sponsored by the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies (CASAR) and AMIDEAST/Egypt. In addition to performing at the festival, the band will also conduct a master class for students at the American University in Cairo. Additional performances will be announced shortly.

More of Rudy Lu’s photographs can be seen at Albany Jazz…

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