Film: “Bully”

May 1st, 2012, 1:00 pm by Greg

Review by Pete Mason

The documentary “Bully” is an impressive and powerful film, aimed at the students and their parents and thanks to the Weinstein company forgoing a rating (the MPAA sought to rate it PG-13 for a few swear words) and should be required viewing for all student grades 4-12.

While bullying has been around for ages and will not go away due to this film, the reality of the impact of bullying is seen in two suicides, an incarceration in a juvenile center, a student withdrawing from school and two students who stuck it out, despite numerous continued instances of bullying in school and on the bus. To discount the message that “Bully” sends is to throw hands up in surrender and accept bullying in schools, in society and as a unstoppable constant in our lives.

Directed by Lee Hirsch and featuring students across the south and Midwest in middle and high school, the film jumps around to each student during the movie, rotating in their stories, sharing the details of their lives. Alex is called “fish lips,” stabbed with pencils on the bus, pushed into lockers and is scared to admit to his parents what happens. Only the documentary footage proves the unspoken.

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Be Here Now: “Virgin Alexander” @ the Spectrum 8 Theatres, 8/3/11

August 2nd, 2011, 12:00 pm by Greg

Yeah, we know, right now everybody’s going ga-ga for Gosling.

But last summer, the movie cameras were rolling at a number of locations in and around Saratoga Springs, and you can see the results on Wednesday evening when the indie comedy “Virgin Alexander” has its area premiere at the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany.

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30-Second Men’s Room Review: Spectrum 8 Theatres (Upstairs)

June 17th, 2011, 12:00 pm by Sara

30-Second Men's Room Review: Spectrum 8 Theatres (upstairs)

Real Good for Free: Popcorn @ the Spectrum, 10/17/10

October 15th, 2010, 3:47 pm by Greg

Spectrum 8 Theatres, AlbanyHappy 30th anniversary, Spectrum!

Well, no, it’s not actually the anniversary of the Spectrum 8 Theatres on Delaware Avenue in Albany. But Sunday does, however, mark the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum’s owners. The Four Movie Muskateers – Scott Meyer, Annette Nanes, Sugi and Keith Picard – launched their careers in movie theater ownership on October 17, 1980, with a screening of Francois Truffaut’s classic “Small Change” at their 183-seat Third Street Theatre in Rensselaer.

The foursome opened the Spectrum three years later, and they ran both movie houses simultaneously until they finally closed the Third Street Theatre in 1986. (Bonus trivia points go to anyone who can name the final film that was screened at the Rensselaer theater.)

In celebration of the anniversary, the Spectrum 8 Theatres will be giving away free popcorn to moviegoers on Sunday. With real butter…

Salt!! Salt!! Salt!!

July 20th, 2010, 10:30 am by Sara

Angelina Jolie catches a ride from a tractor-trailer headed north on 787.

OMFG, Salt, a film with some scenes shot on Albany’s downtown highway ramps, is opening this weekend! And last week, there was a giveaway of free tickets for the Albany premiere on Thursday!! And the tickets were snapped up in a flash!! And lots of people were unhappy they didn’t get tickets!!

Actually, it looks like there’s one pair of tickets left for the Palace Theatre showing on Thursday that you can buy for $1 million (or best offer).

Or you could just wait a mere four hours after the Albany premiere starts and see it at The Spectrum in Albany, which is having a special midnight Thursday showing. Judging by the hysteria seen so far, if you’re planning on going to that show, you might want to buy your tickets in advance.

Film Update: “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage”

June 11th, 2010, 11:05 am by Greg

OK, the award-winning feature-length documentary film about Geddy Lee and his band Rush played to a sold-out house at the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany on Thursday night, but it didn’t play at all at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, where it had also been scheduled for a one-night-only screening.

Apparently there were some delivery SNAFU issues – i.e., the film didn’t get to the theater on time – so the Woodstock screening was postponed at the last minute. “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage” is now scheduled to be shown twice at the Bearsville Theater on Sunday – at 4 and 8pm. Prior to the 8pm showing, there will also be a raffle for a pair of tickets to see Rush in concert at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Friday, July 23, as well as a pair of drumsticks used by Rush drummer Neil Peart. Tickets are $10 in advance; $12 at the door.

The film is also slated to be screened again at the Spectrum 8 Theatres at 7:15pm on Thursday. Tickets are $9; seniors $7.25; children $6.25.

Films! Films! Films!

April 6th, 2010, 2:45 pm by Sara

Wow, it’s a boffo week for film here in Nippertown. Here’s the short version:

Wednesday (tomorrow): Sleep Dealer @ The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy

Thursday: Man on Wire @ EMPAC, Troy

Friday-Sunday: Dancing Across Borders @ Time and Space Limited, Hudson

Opening on Friday: The Runaways @ Spectrum 8 Theatres, Albany

Saturday, April 10: Gabrielle @ The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown

And here’s the detailed version:

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Be Here Now: Peter Hanson and Paul Robert Herman’s ‘Tales From the Script’ @ the Spectrum 8 Theatres, 3/17/10

March 16th, 2010, 12:40 pm by Greg

Update: It’s been brought to our attention that this was actually a two-person project; Peter Hanson and Paul Robert Herman worked together to create both the book and the documentary. We’ve changed the text below to reflect that.

Former Albanian Peter Hanson returns to Nippertown to host a screening of his feature-length documentary film, “Tales From the Script,” at the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany at 6:30pm on Wednesday. There’s just one opportunity to catch it on the big screen, but there will be a Q&A session with director Hanson immediately following the showing.

For Hanson and Herman’s film – Hanson was a former arts writer for The Times Union , arts editor for Metroland and editor-in-chief for The Source – they interviewed such Hollywood screenwriters as Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon”), John Carpenter (“Halloween”), Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”), William Goldman (“The Princess Bride”), Paul Schrader (“Taxi Driver”) and dozens more – 46 screenwriters in all.

Music for the film’s soundtrack is credited to TJ Raider – better known to Nippertown music fans as Imagining Lennon musician, Tom Raider of Delmar.

The film was produced in conjunction with Hanson and Herman’s book of the same name published by IT Books.

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