LIVE: Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes @ Empire State Plaza, 7/4/15

July 24th, 2015, 2:00 pm by Greg


Photographs by Timothy Reidy

Price Chopper has presented New York State’s annual Fourth of July Celebration at the Empire State Plaza in Albany every year since 1976, but this year there was one big change.

The steps of the NYS Museum are being overhauled this summer, which means that the stage was re-located to the north end of the plaza in front of the State Capitol Building. And because the museum steps have traditionally been utilized as seating for the celebration, it also meant that the crowd was packed into a considerably smaller viewing area than in years past.

But with musical headliners Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes – who had played inside the plaza at The Egg just a few months ago – yes, we were definitely havin’ a party, even before the fireworks filled the sky.

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Southside Johnny, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

August 22nd, 2011, 11:00 am by Greg
Southside Johnny

Southside Johnny

“The first album? Gee, I don’t think I remember the first album I personally ever purchased.

I remember the first 45 I got was an Elvis Presley 45 with a picture sleeve that my mother bought because she wanted it for Christmas. So I got it, but then she took it.

Probably the first album I ever bought was at a place called CJ’s in Asbury Park, which was about a half a mile from my house in Ocean Grove. And I walked over there when I was 13 probably. They used to have cut-outs, and they were 39 cents to 89 cents. I bought two or three John Lee Hooker albums and a Jimmy Reed album for 89 cents apiece. I was always interested in that kind of music. That’s what my parents used to listen to – blues, jazz and rhythm & blues.”

Southside Johnny leads the Asbury Jukes into the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield at 7:30pm on Thursday (August 25). Tix are $15, $35, $55; VIP $60.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY’s “Grapefruit Moon: The Songs of Tom Waits”

June 22nd, 2009, 2:15 pm by Greg

Southside(LeRoy, 2009)

Pair up a classic bar-room belter (Southside Johnny) with the repertoire of an experimental blues maverick (Tom Waits), and what do you get?

Surprisingingly enough, you get a successful, solidly swinging jazz album, thanks primarily to Asbury Juke trombonist La Bamba, who arranged, orchestrated and conducted the big band that wails throughout.

And, yes, Waits himself slips in for a duet on “Walk Away,” as delicious as it is offhand.

Grapefruit Moon: The Songs Of Tom Waits

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