Festival Fever: Scum Fest II in Berne, 9/1/13

August 26th, 2013, 12:00 pm by Greg

Remember the ’80s?

Some of you longtime Local 518 music fans may recall Scumfest, a punk fest that took place back in 1982.

Well, apparently even punks get nostalgic, and now more than three decades later, it seems as though some of those same musicians – as well as those inspired by them – are getting together this weekend for Scumfest II.

The big bash is slated for 12:30pm on Sunday (September 1) at 1269 Helderberg Trail in Berne – about as far away from the once thriving downtown punk scene as you could possibly get. Admission is a $12 donation, which includes a catered meal (?!?). And while we’re on the topic of things un-punk, we were horrified to hear that some of the bands – we’re not going to name any names here – were actually rehearsing for the fest.

UPDATED: 8/31/13): At latest report, the bands slated to rachet it up for Scum Fest 2013 include (in estimated order of appearance):

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