ArtBeat: Leonard Nimoy: Secret Selves @ MASS MoCA, North Adams and Leonard Nimoy: A Retrospective @ R. Michelson Galleries, Northampton

July 28th, 2010, 5:35 pm by Sara

Leonard Nimoy: Secret Selves

Leonard Nimoy: Secret Selves

Apparently, it’s Leonard Nimoy week in Massachusetts. Boston-born Nimoy, best known as the actor/director of Star Trek fame, has been a practicing photographer for most of his life and in April of this year he announced his retirement from acting to concentrate on photography. This week, two solo exhibitions kick off to showcase his work.

Opening at MASS MoCA in North Adams on Sunday is “Secret Selves”, a series of recent photographs examining the lost, unseen or hidden self:

Inspired by Aristophanes’ theory that humans were once double-sided creatures with two heads and multiple limbs before Zeus cleaved man in two and left him forever struggling to be whole again, Nimoy’s photographs reveal his subjects’ other half. Shooting in nearby Northampton, Massachusetts, Nimoy recruited volunteers from the local community with an open call for portrait models willing to be photographed posed and dressed as their true or imagined “secret selves.” From the popular rock star and superman to the more unexpected dog lover and Pan, these various secret identities (off-line avatars as they might be described) offer an intimate, sometimes humorous, and often profound new look at the residents of Northampton and the inner yearnings and fantasies that we all share.

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