Hump Day Unusual Moment: Pesnyary’s Rushniki

September 1st, 2010, 12:00 pm by Sara

Pesnyary was a nine piece Belarusian folk/rock band. Here’s their 1971 hit, Rushniki, featuring psychedelic/surf guitar over a distinctively modern sounding breakbeat. It ends with a bang, and then cuts to a rather hilarious shot of a completely underwhelmed audience.

Want to know what the lyrics are about? Here’s what Google Translate gave me. I don’t think it’s a perfect translation, but perhaps it has something to do with laundry?

Saturday Janka was driving near a river.
Under the willow Alain soap towel.
Share-Alain ford countryman,
Where is the horse to move to the river?

-Adchapisya, boy, go anyhow where,
NOT Musti I only clean water.
In mourning Janka head panic
Upustsila girl Belenky towel.

-Janka, my sakolik, help faster
Oh, floating-Rushnychok disappears from sight!
-Any Alain, but I’m afraid of water,
Potseluet first, because I utaplyus.

Supynivsya bay under the willow thick
Janke kissed on the river Lena.
So quietly on earth …
The river is far towel floated.

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