Culture Vulture: Lifting Every Voice – Occupy UAG Open Mic @ Upstate Artists Guild, 1/18/12

January 23rd, 2012, 1:00 pm by Greg
Pete Yahnke's "Hold Fast" and "Up Rising"  @ UAG, Albany

Pete Yahnke's "Hold Fast" and "Up Rising"

By J Hunter
Photographs by J Hunter

One of the many problems hands-free cell phone technology has caused is you’re not sure if a crazy/angry person is just trying to talk to someone over a bad connection. So as I huddled with poet/peace activist Dan Wilcox and several other souls inside the entranceway to the building that houses Upstate Artists Guild, I didn’t know the short-haired, middle-aged, bespectacled, yelling guy storming up the other side of Lark Street was actually pissed about something until he stopped and started yelling at us!

“SHUT THAT FUCKING PLACE DOWN,” he bellowed, shaking his fist at us from behind a parked car. “THEY CAN’T CENSOR ME! HAVE YOU SEEN THAT SHIT? THAT’S NOT ART! I’M A PROFESSIONAL ILLUSTRATOR…” The man had much more to say, but he started walking up the street again, so we missed the rest of his rant.

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