Five Firsts: Matthew Loiacono/Matthew Carefully

August 24th, 2011, 1:00 pm by Greg
Matthew Carefully

Matthew Carefully

NAME: Matthew Loiacono
BAND AFFILIATION: I play songs under the moniker “Matthew Carefully,” make experimental music alone under the name “Ceiling Life,” ringlead the Undone Ensemble, write and play acoustic guitar in Rosary Beard and play banjo/Casio/floor tom in David Greenberger & a Strong Dog.
INSTRUMENT: Drumset, mandolin, banjo, voice, octave mandolin, electric guitar, paper, rock, spoon, pedals, field recording, Juno-104, sampler

1. THE FIRST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT WAS … Possibly “Even Worse” by Weird Al Yankovic on cassette? Or “Fables of the Reconstruction” by R.E.M. on cassette. One of the two.

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The Name Game

December 21st, 2009, 3:14 pm by Greg

There seems to be change in the air.

At least for a couple of Nippertown music scenemakers.



First up is 28N, the north country two-piece with a maximum sound. The twosome recently announced that they’ve changed their name to Barkeater. You can check out guitarist-vocalist Hank Banks and drummer Rusty Jones sporting their new band moniker at an upcoming gig at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany on Thursday, January 21.

Now, Matthew Loiacono – ex-Kamikaze Heart, Collar City Records honcho, solo performer and all-around musicman-about-town – is making a name change, too.

“After much thought and friend-idea-bouncing, I’ve decided that from now on, my ‘solo music project,’ which involves anything from playing songs alone with a mandolin, looping and stacking layers of guitars and vocals, singing over a sampler and much more will be known as Matthew Carefully,” Loiacono recently posted on his Matthew-Land website.

Matthew Carefully

Matthew Carefully

Why? Well, let’s face it, a lot of people have difficulty pronouncing “Loiacono,” let alone spelling it correctly, so it makes sense.

And as Loiacono adds, “Well… I like the ring of it, and it will remind me to NOT be so careful about everything.”

You can catch the freshly dubbed Mr. Carefully in action at the Iron Horse Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Mass. on Thursday, January 7, where he’ll step into the spotlight to contribute to an all-star tribute concert, “Don’t Do Me Like That: A Tribute to Tom Petty,” along with Ray Mason, Francy Trash, Ben Demerath, the Grownup Noise, Orange Crush and many others.

Don’t Wait Til CyberMonday…

November 27th, 2009, 8:50 am by Greg

Today you can:
a.) avoid the massive shopping mayhem in stores
b.) still get yourself a darned good bargain
c.) support your local musicians
d.) all of the above


Here’s how:

Jazz saxman Brian Patneaude is offering a special sale on his catalog of CDs today only at CDBaby. For his second annual Black Friday sale, Patneaude is offering all four of his CDS – “Variations,” “As We Know It,” “Distance” and his latest “Riverview” for the drastically reduced price of just $5 each. That’s a saving of more than 50 percent on the physical CDs.

Another Nippertown fave, Matthew Loiacono is also offering some super savings from his virtual merch table today and Saturday only. MP3 downloads of his wonderful “Penny Riddle” EP are onsale for $1.88 – that’s more than 50 percent off the regular price. And his “Penny Riddle” t-shirts – both mens and womens sizes – are one-third off: $10 plus shipping. Plus you get the “Penny Riddle” mp3 downloads free with a t-shirt purchase.

LIVE: LarkFest, 9/19/09

September 21st, 2009, 11:38 am by Greg

Donna Baird of Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned

Donna Baird of Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned

You can read David Malachowski’s review of some of the LarkFest musical performances in the Times Union.

But LarkFest is just too big and too crowded for one person to try to cover five different stages of music all going on at the same time. Since the Times Union didn’t have time or space to mention the Townsend Park Stage or the Kids’ Stage, decided to go there.

And we decided to give you a totally different perspective of the fest, too, so here are a few performers’-eye views of LarkFest from the stage:

1. Were there any particularly vivid moments for you – either in your onstage or offstage mode?
MATTHEW LOIACONO: a). The Hanging of the B3nson Banner, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3… b). Dan Maddalone (from Barons in the Attic) Pie-In-The-Face, Pt. 1 + Pt. 2… (see pics at All Over Albany) c). Richard Mark Nolan Jr. (from Beware! the Other Head of Science) on fire, all day long d). The B3nson Family Affair Finale! Hearing that many voices holler “Troy is the place where Henry Hudson turned around…” was something I don’t think I’ll ever experience like that again.
AARON SMITH of SCIENTIFIC MAPS: Watching our new friend Foots dancing with our good friend Nick Matulis while my band played is a memory I will treasure always. Also, Dan Maddalone being struck in the face with two pies was pretty funny. Playing drums on the last Sgt Dunbar song while all of the B3nson bands jumped on stage which came dangerously close to exceeding the weight limit. Oh, and watching Nick Matulis play Richard Nolan’s back.
COURTNEY BIONDO: It was just amazing to see so many people I don’t know enjoying the performance and singing along to the covers I played.
JEN of WE ARE JENERIC: When I saw that we had our very own port-a-potty I was very excited.

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Be Here Now: Scientific Maps CD release party @ Valentine’s, 7/31

July 28th, 2009, 4:06 pm by Greg

Back in May, Alex Muro of B3nson Recording Company and Matthew Loiacono of Collar City Records threatened a Jell-O wrestling match to determine which record label would get to release the new disc from Scientific Maps.

Well, apparently, the wirey but scrappy Muro managed to get the best of Loiacono, although I still haven’t seen any video confirmation, and no one has yet revealed which flavor of Jell-O was involved.

galvanicAnyway, the new Scientific Maps disc is here, and there’s a CD release party slated for Valentine’s in Albany on Friday, July 31. The follow-up to this year’s free “Hold On Whoever You Are,” the new seven-song EP is titled “Galvanic Wizardry.”

And if all of that’s not enough, Aaron Smith and his Maps cohorts are already nearly completion of their next disc, “Food for Witches.”

Also on the bill at Valentine’s on Friday are Swimclub (formerly the Users) and Style Salon (aka, former Kamikaze Heart Gaven Richard).

LIVE: Winterpills @ Valentine’s, 6/18

June 19th, 2009, 3:05 pm by Greg

What do you when you’re a band on the road rolling into a new town, and the members of the band nearly outnumber the members of the audience? It happens all of the time, of course. It’s just that nobody likes to talk about it.

Off on a tangent –

I remember being as sad and embarrassed as hell when I went to Valentine’s to see Jeff Buckley’s Nippertown debut back in June, 1994. There were no more than two dozen people in the audience. Despite the lack of an audience, Buckley and his band delivered a totally mesmerizing performance.

Chatting with him at the downstairs bar afterward, I apologized for the lack of a crowd. He signed a photo for me that’s still hanging on my home office wall, inscribed, “Thank you for the write-up, Greg. The crowd is just right. No foolin’. Sincerely, Jeff Buckley.”

Back to the story at hand –

Northampton’s Winterpills approached a similar-sized crowd at Valentine’s on Thursday with a similar attitude, despite the fact that they’d played the Palace Theatre as the opening act for Cake just a few months earlier. They delivered a marvelous performance at Valentine’s, even after attendance dropped into the single digits and stayed there.

Winterpills were undaunted. Part marvelous Americana folk quintet, part swirling dream-pop band, part flat-out rockers, they charged ahead with a deliciously well-rounded 70-minute show that ranged from finger-picking folk ballads (Flora Reed’s exquisite delivery of “Burning Hearts”) to pure-pop delight (the almost Association-esque vocal fuguing of “Cranky”) to the full bore rockin’ of “Threshing Machine.”

But in order to amuse themselves, the band was working with a secret game plan, which vocalist-guitarist Philip Price revealed before their third song. “We’ve decided to change our setlist tonight and play all of our songs alphabetically,’ he said. “We’ve finished the A’s and we’re venturing into the B’s.”

No joke. Winterpills paraded through the alphabet song-by-song.

Here’s the setlist:

A Benediction
And Then (Miracle Legion cover)
Broken Arm
Burning Hearts
Folded Cloth
Gentleman Farmer
June Eyes
Threshing Machine
Want the Want
We’ll Bring You Down
You Don’t Love Me Yet

Matthew Loiacono joined in on backing vocals for “Beesting,” as well as the rest of the show.

Matthew also served up a tantalizing nine-song solo set, his first public performance utilizing a sampler. He had a solid grip on his new technology, though. From the opening volley of “I Would Keep You” (from his new album of musical miniatures, “Penny Riddle”) through to his closer, “Only Memory” (from his previous album, “Kentucky”), he showcased a broad range of dynamics, building elements of funk, prog-rock and unadorned feedback into his mandolin workouts.

Be Here Now: heARTS aligned @ Bread & Jam Cafe

June 19th, 2009, 12:13 pm by Greg

Peanut butter and chocolate.
Abbott and Costello.
Guns and Roses.

We love it when two things come together to form something even better. And there’s not much more that we like here at Nippertown than art and music.

So we got pretty excited when we heard about “heARTS aligned,” an interactive music-art performance that’s slated to take place at 7:30pm Saturday, June 20 at the Bread & Jam Cafe in Cohoes.

On the music end of the equation are Matt Durfee and Matthew Loiacono, while Ben Suhr and Jason Antonelli supply the visual art input for the evening. Man about town Matt MacHaffie will serve as emcee/ringmaster/referee.

We’re not 100% certain what’s going to happen. But, hey, that’s OK; we like to be surprised. Anyway, here’s how Mr. Loiacono describes the goings-on:

“This may be one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been asked to be a part of! Check it out – Matt Durfee and I will sit on stage, and audience members will pick original pieces of art from a hat. Each piece of art (designed by Jason and Ben) will correspond to one of Matt or my songs. Thus, a completely unique experience that is combining art and music!”

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