LIVE: Kathleen Madigan @ the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, 4/3/11

April 5th, 2011, 1:00 pm by Greg

She may only be 5’1”, but pray you do not find yourself in the sights of Kathleen Madigan. For 80 minutes on Sunday evening, she comfortably commanded the stage and with her wit and sarcasm shredded anything and everything she found worthy of her interest.

Starting with a hilarious recounting of her recent USO tour of Iraq and Afghanistan, she had a lot of opinions about our involvement there, but they weren’t necessarily related to any particular political convictions. Should we be in Iraq? “The base in Baghdad has a Taco Bell; I think we can declare victory.” Should we be in Afganistan? “The women dress like bee keepers; the men think it’s the year 11. No wonder the Russians ran away.” How much money it would take to fix Afghanistan? “How much money would it take to fix the moon?”

Her midwestern family of nine was a running theme throughout her act. They are a close knit group, after all who couldn’t love a father who “instructed us on how to commit suicide so the insurance company would pay the claim. Whatever you do, don’t write a note.” Her stockbroker brother is always giving her advice on how to save her money, which she lamely attempts to follow, but is too easily sabotaged by “a late night, a bottle of wine and an eBay password.”

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