ArtBeat: Julie Anne Mann’s “Intrinsic Nature” @ the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery

September 24th, 2010, 4:24 pm by Greg

Julie Ann Mann: Bled Dry @ The Courthouse Gallery

Julie Ann Mann: Bled Dry @ The Courthouse Gallery

The first piece that catches your eye and imagination as you enter the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery is “Bled Dry.”

High above your head are hundreds of delicate Queen Anne’s Lace woven together in a circular pattern and suspended by clear, light-reflective fishing line. On the floor below are “blood” drops carefully arranged in a circle. The power of the piece is its simplicity and thought-provoking beauty.

Welcome to the world of Brooklyn-based artist Julie Anne Mann and her captivating one-person exhibition, “Intrinsic Nature.”

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ArtBeat: Julie Anne Mann @ Lake George Arts Project

September 14th, 2010, 4:27 pm by Sara

Works by Julie Anne Mann @ Courtyard Gallery

Works by Julie Anne Mann @ Courtyard Gallery

Lake George Arts Project’s Courthouse Gallery is presenting “Intrinsic Nature“, a solo exhibition of new work by New York City artist Julie Anne Mann, who works with natural found materials – bones, feathers, seeds and seed pods – to create different series of works:

In ‘Mortifera’ she has reconfigured the bones, feathers, or wings of deceased animals to create new mutant, hybrid creatures. Each specimen is titled in Latin, reflecting its attributes, and reminiscent of Darwinian evolutionary samples.

‘Forest Portraits’ is a series of works in silver leaf that have been reverse-etched on walnut burl veneer.

Other works, like those in the series ‘Botanicals’, are created from large accumulations of seeds and pods. Some are threatening, as with “The Wood of Suicides”, a giant sphere of countless thorny water chestnut pods, an invasive aquatic plant, or “The Devil’s Sun”, which is constructed from hundreds of the barbed seed of the southwestern plant known as ‘devil’s claw’ or ‘wood spider’. A less ominous piece titled “A Thousand Wishes” contains thousands of fluffy dandelion seed heads.

The show opens Saturday, September 18 with an artist reception from 6-8pm and runs through October 22.

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