Jingle Jangle

June 22nd, 2009, 9:55 am by Sara

Posting and communications will be sporadic today, since we (that would be Greg, me, two dogs and a very annoyed cat) are going to be nomads for most of the afternoon as we wait for Nippertown Central to be fumigated for a startlingly large infestation of carpenter ants.

Because I have been singing this jingle to myself all weekend and feel an overwhelming need to share, I present to you the Catseye Pest Control song:

Catchy little number, eh? Definitely earworm material, and the only way to get rid of an earworm is to replace it with something else. So here ya go – my favorite commercial jingle (seriously, it’s a pop masterpiece):

Daisy Daisy sour cream
fresh and tasty naturally
a dip for your and a dollop for me
Daisy just goes with family
so do a dollop, do do a dollop of Daisy…
things taste better with a dollop of Daisy
so do a dollop, do do a dollop of Daisy…

Okay, perhaps I have a higher tolerance for silly pop songs than most but Greg and I have joked for years about the band we’re going to start that will only perform covers of commercial jingles for local businesses. Some of our favorites are:

Waterslide World (I really like the way you….what? I can never make out that last word.)

Window World (sounds like Pat Benatar passionately claiming “Simply the best for less..”)

Aird Dorrance (earnestly proclaiming “when it’s worth doing right”)

What’s your favorite local commercial jingle?

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