Five Firsts: Jesse Bolduc of Carry the Tradition

January 3rd, 2011, 2:02 pm by Greg

Carry The Tradition (photo by Lauren Burke)

Carry The Tradition (photo by Lauren Burke)

NAME: Jesse Bolduc
BAND AFFILIATION: Carry The Tradition

1. THE FIRST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT WAS … “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. I was in second grade, and I didn’t have any portable music device yet. When I thought the time was right, I went to my nearest music store, and I picked out myself a Walkman. By Walkman, I mean the cassette version. Of course, since I was getting a cassette player, I needed a cassette to go with it. At the time I was really into Britney Spears. It wasn’t even because she was hot. My second grade self just thought she was an excellent musician.

2. THE FIRST CONCERT THAT I EVER SAW WAS … A Nickelodeon one that my mom took me to. I don’t remember when in my life this happened, but I was young, and it was at SPAC. That’s in Saratoga, for those who didn’t know that. I obviously don’t remember the name of it, but Kennen and Kel were there, along with that group that covered that “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine” song. I remember that and the fact that I drank too much sprite earlier that day, and I had to make quite a few bathroom trips.

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