Live: Harptallica @ the Judge’s Inn, 9/1/10

September 2nd, 2010, 10:55 am by Greg

Usually if someone mentions the classical harp, one of two visions immediately springs to mind – winged angels or the mischievous Harpo Marx.

But when two lovely young blond women in little black dresses walk up onto the stage and each nestle a towering harp in the crook of their neck, you definitely don’t expect to hear them launch into the Metallica songbook.

Not in a recital hall. And not in a bar. But that’s what happened on Wednesday evening at the Judge’s Inn in Troy. Ashley Toman and Mollie Marcuson are either the baddest girls in the classical music world, or they’re the most sophisticated headbangers around.

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Be Here Now: Harptallica @ the Judge’s Inn, 9/1/10

August 31st, 2010, 12:05 pm by Greg

HarptallicaYes, there are a lot of cool shows on tap this week, but when it comes to just plain strange – and you know how much we here at love all things strange – this one is the hands-down winner.

Harptallica – just in case you haven’t already guessed – is a pair of lovely young women who play harp. Not the blues harp. Or the jaw harp. They play the harp – the classical harp.

Ah, yes, but they don’t play classical music. Instead, they perform selections from the Metallica songbook. That’s right, Metallica songs as performed on two classical harps.

Harptallica started in early 2006 when Ashley Toman – a graduate student at the Eastman School of Music – decided to arrange the Metallica song “Fade to Black” for two harps. Somehow, this turned into nine Metallica songs, which were recorded on their self-titled debut CD in 2007.

Since then, the duo – which features Mollie Marcuson in the second harp chair – has branched out and now also covers works by Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Iron Maiden.

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