RIP: Dick Quinn, Super Music Fan, 1947-2015

November 30th, 2015, 12:00 pm by Greg

Review and concert photographs by Ed Conway

My apologies to Billy Eli, a fine Austin-based singer-songwriter, as this was supposed to be a quick review of his show a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I am writing about a friend who was a true friend to many musicians, both locally and around the country, but I think Billy would understand, as he was one of those friends. Billy’s show was the last time I saw Dick Quinn and may have been the last show Dick saw (it’s hard to tell as he always had a habit of showing up despite not feeling well). Dick had been sick for many years, but would go out to as many as seven shows a week. He checked himself out of the hospital to attend a show on more than one occasion – it’s hard to tell as he didn’t always talk much about his health.

Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn

His dedication to the music scene was greatly appreciated by all who knew and loved Dick and was reciprocated by venues and bands alike. Dick had a permanently reserved table at the Ale House in Troy, as well as a parking spot outside the door so that he had a place to plug in his ever present oxygen machine and limit the distance he had to walk. There wasn’t always a sign, but patrons knew this and respected it. At any given show, Dick would talk about many things related to music and common friends, but not in a gossiping manner.

More often than not, he would wave someone over and with a devilish grin tell them a joke or two, often times not repeatable in mixed company. These jokes became his trademark, but it wasn’t necessarily the joke, but the delivery that made them funny. He had a comic’s timing. As an indication of the respect he had from local musicians, they all got together not once, but twice to play a gig just for him – not a benefit or paid concert, a show just for him. So many bands had signed up, there wasn’t time to put them all on the bill. Bands such as the Chandler Travis Three-O traveled from Cape Cod, just to take part. The last one took place just a few weeks ago (sadly, I was out of town and couldn’t go both times).

Another of his favorites, a band from down the Hudson Valley called the Five Points Band asked Dick to be in their music video of “Old Man River.” Check it out as he can be seen walking up the stairs in the opening scene.

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Festival Fever: “Hey, I’m Still Breathing: A Musical Celebration With Dick Quinn” @ the Ale House, 7/1/12

June 28th, 2012, 11:00 am by Greg
Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn is simply one of the most devoted fans and most diehard supporters of Nippertown’s roots music scene. Even with some health problems, it wasn’t unusual for Dick to be out seeing a band every night of the week – sometimes even visiting two or three different shows all over the Capital Region and beyond on the same day.

These days, it’s become a little more difficult for Dick to get around, so the bands that Dick has supported for so long have decided that rather than making Dick run around to see them play, they’d all gather at one place so he could see them all together at once.

That place is the Ale House in Troy, where “Hey, I’m Still Breathing: A Musical Celebration With Dick Quinn” will take place on Sunday. The big bash will kick off at 3pm, and the last band is scheduled to hit the stage at 10pm (but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the shindig ends up going on a bit later than that).

So who’s playing? Well, just about everybody, that’s who. Here’s the planned schedule of performances:

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