LIVE: Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam @ The Egg, 1/4/14

January 7th, 2014, 4:00 pm by Greg

Dave Mason @ The Egg

Review and photographs by Jason Spiro

Dave Mason’s concert at The Egg on Saturday night was preceded by a slideshow of images, archival photographs that illustrated Mason’s long and storied history in the field of rock, blues, etc. A soundtrack played along with the images, that sounded not unlike modern remixes and covers of classic rock, but were more likely Mason’s originals of his oft-covered songs.

The show was advertised to begin at 7:30pm, and so began promptly at 7:48, perhaps to allow this crowd time to amble in – with scents of patchouli nearly ever-present, one loyal service dog for the aged, and much greying of hair progressed far beyond mere temples or sideburns – but more probably in deference to time honored tradition of holding the show. Yes, a polite crowd, with a few rabble rousers, but mostly quiet and not prone to dance, even upon urging from the band. But at least they weren’t supine.

I kid, of course, because I was in awe of the band, and thus I respect anyone who braved the cold and took advantage of the opportunity to see a bit of rock history played out memorably in the present. It is to my elders’ credit, those who grew up with these songs as tweens, teeny boppers, mods, hippies, Yippies, et al., that they came out, if you like, to show them, that there is an audience for this stuff, even on the night following a snowpocalypse. (Would that the kids would see… The same brain frazzled noodle dancers who pay hundreds to tour with (take your pick) could instead invest a fraction of the time and money to see an outfit with real, vested, undeniable provenance.)

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LIVE: Dave Mason @ Alive at Five in Riverfront Park, 6/7/12

June 12th, 2012, 3:00 pm by Greg

Review by Richard Brody

After a dismal week of weather, the sun shone brightly, the people came, and the 2012 Alive at Five concert series got off to a strong start with Dave Mason and his band. Mason is best known for his days in Traffic, his stint with Bonnie and Delaney, and his ’70s solo career; he did not disappoint those who came to hear his best known work from that period. Mason’s voice is still strong, but I had forgotten what a superb guitar player he is. His harmonic touches on “Look at You, Look at Me” shimmered, and his technique and control of the wah-wah on a number of songs – most notably “Shouldn’t Have Taken More Than You Gave” – took the playing and the song to another level.

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LIVE: Dave Mason & Leon Russell @ The Egg, 3/6/10

March 10th, 2010, 10:07 am by Greg

Dave Mason and Leon Russell

Dave Mason and Leon Russell

The Egg was rockin’ on its foundation on Saturday night, as the double-bill of classic rock icons Leon Russell and Dave Mason blazed through two separate sets of songs that helped define the music of 1960s and well beyond.

Russell took the stage first, launching his 75-minute, high-energy set with “Jumping Jack Flash” and tearing through a repertoire of tunes popularized by the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and even the Temptations. From behind his keyboard, he also tipped his hat to one of his first employers with Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls Of Fire,” accompanied by rousing audience participation from the sold-out crowd.

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