2013 Berkshire Fringe Festival Has a full calendar July 17-August 3 at Daniels Arts Center of Bard College [Berkshire on Stage]

July 17th, 2013, 1:00 pm by Sara

by Sara Katzoff

Great Barrington, MA: This summer, a new generation of theater makers from across the United States will discover a vibrant home as part of the 9th Annual Berkshire Fringe. Dozens of emerging artists and ensembles spanning the disciplines of theater, dance, music, solo performance and rock opera will participate in the action packed three week festival that runs July 15-August 5 at the Daniel Arts Center (Bard College at Simon’s Rock) in Great Barrington.

Nine productions including three world premieres were curated from an open submission process involving 100 applicants from across the United States and around the globe. Works selected for the 2013 festival demonstrated a high level of professionalism and play while resonating with the Fringe’s mission to introduce adventurous programming to the Berkshire cultural community.

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LIVE: “What Happened to Bill Viola?” @ The Berkshire Fringe, Simon’s Rock [GailSez]

August 19th, 2011, 3:02 pm by Sara
The Actor Playing Bill Viola (Josh Sauerman) explains his toilet troubles to the audience

The Actor Playing Bill Viola (Josh Sauerman) explains his toilet troubles to the audience

What a perfect way to end my 2011 Berkshire Fringe Festival experience – with a piece that pokes wicked fun at the kind of pieces you always see at Fringe Festivals! In fact it was so perfect that I thought it WAS one of those Fringe pieces until I sat down and looked at my program and realized that it was a PLAY with a playwright and a director and actors. It was FICTIONAL! I was astounded!

In case you are not a Fringe-going person, many of the shows you see there are one person shows “conceived, written and performed” by the person on stage and they tell either some part of that actor’s personal story, or a story about which s/he feels passionately. This year FACE and Tangled Yarn fell into this category.

To be fair, you don’t just see this kind of navel-gazing exercise at Fringe Festivals. The tight economy means that theatres everywhere are mounting small cast shows which require minimal sets, costumes, and props. No lesser deity than the Williamstown Theatre Festival opened its 2010 season with It’s Jewdy’s Show.

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LIVE: The Return of The Pi Clowns @ The Berkshire Fringe, Simon’s Rock [GailSez]

August 18th, 2011, 4:00 pm by Sara

The Pi Clowns have performed at the Berkshire Fringe before – hence the title The Return of the Pi Clowns – but I have never had an opportunity to see them. I am a great admirer of physical theatre, which is how the Pi Clowns bill themselves. While all of the circus arts are theatrical, not all of them are theatre, but clowns are.

The modern day clown usually selects a character name, persona, costume and make-up for life. She or he then acts as that clown persona whether in a story-based skit or a skill-based set. The five Pi Clowns I saw identified themselves as Clown (Andrew P. Quick), Monster Strong (Jonathan Deline), Miz G (Leah C. Gardner), Juggler (Tyler Parks) and Bruce (Bruce Glaseroff) but each had a clear clown persona even though only Quick carried that moniker on stage.

I realized as I searched for photos and video to accompany this review, that there is usually a sixth Pi Clown, a second woman, and that their routines vary greatly from performance to performance. While they have some set pieces, they mix up the order and the routines themselves. I did not find any images that exactly matched what I saw, and so it is possible that they never do the same show twice. So what I will do here is tell you what I enjoyed and give you a flavor of the troupe’s energy and ethos.

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