Song of the Week: Ring of Fire Eight Miles Wide

August 3rd, 2009, 11:01 am by Sara

Greg was making a case for that cute five-year-old who sings and plays Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” (I would include the link here but I can’t find it again – there a frightening number of youtube videos with young children badly singing Johnny Cash songs.) Sure, I said, we could contrast it with The Cowsills’ version of “Folsom Prison Blues,” where a very young and giddy Susan Cowsill plays bass and sings along. It actually competently performed, if a little surreal, what with a fresh-faced thirteen-year-old singing about shooting a man in Reno.

Since I don’t really find children all that interesting, they both got blown out of my head by this: Storm Large, a finalist in Rock Star Supernova (and now I can hear a giant collective “who?” yep, that went nowhere fast…here’s what she sounded like then…) singing, in the tradition of Paul Bunyan and a thousand Penthouse Forum letter writers, a song that elicited from me equal parts of wow and WTF.

“My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide” is an incredibly catchy song from her one-woman show, “Crazy Enough,“ in which she sings that the song itself is a metaphor for “my super vagintastically mystical feminine goddess core.“ And then she introduces my favorite new word, “vigantic.”

Definitely NSFW, especially if you have the audio turned up.

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