The Marvelous Bread & Puppet Theater

October 19th, 2012, 1:00 pm by Greg

Bread and Puppet Theater

Story by Ed Atkeson
Photographs by Cathy Frank

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s the Bread and Puppet Theater’s Domestic Resurrection Circus festival was a regular part of our summer. 1998 was the last year for the big fest, and we hadn’t gone since then. Then this last August we made the trek up to Glover in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

I am happy to report that everything is as it was. The Museum is still there. There is a big new theater. Peter Schumann is baking bread, creating plays and walking on his tall stilts in the Circus. On the weekends in July and August, there is a Friday night drama in the new theater, and the Circus and Pageant is on Sunday.

It’s wonderful.

It’s incredible.

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LIVE: Discard Avant Garb @ Grand Street Community Arts, 9/10/11

September 16th, 2011, 11:00 am by Greg
Discard Avant Garb 2011 (photo by Ed Atkeson)

(photo by Ed Atkeson)

Once again, Discard Avant Garb’s charity fundraising Recycled Fashion Show outdid itself.

Each year, we walk out after the show thinking, “Well, they won’t be able to top that next year.” And every year, they do just that.

It’s Nippertown’s hippest and most fun annual art party – at least we hope it’s annual again after taking a year off in 2010. While the party at Grand Street Community Arts in Albany went on for about three and a half hours, the fashion show itself lasted only 50 minutes. But what a wild and wonderful 50 minutes they were.

With Chris Harvey’s hot-green bamboo installation and an array of Dennis Herbert’s surreal box assemblages serving as a backdrop, the never-demure Mary Panza once again served as Emcee from Hell, detailing the recycled ingredients of each outfit and often chastising the models as they strutted their stuff upon the runway.

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