Happy birthday, Bread & Jam Cafe

August 27th, 2009, 10:19 am by Greg

breadAndJamKick out the jams! And the breads!

The Bread and Jam Cafe – the coolest spot in all of Cohoes – is celebrating its first anniversary on Saturday, August 29, with an all-star, all-day, can’t-stop-the-music festival.

Here’s the deal – $10 admission includes nine musical acts over the course of eight hours and a barbecue! That’s not much more than a dollar a band – plus free food? You just can’t beat that.

It all gets underway at 2pm Saturday, and here’s the line-up of performers:

2pm: Courtney Biondo
2:50pm: Population 2
3:40pm: The Energy
4:30pm: The Bryan Brundige Collective
5:40pm: Matthew Loiacono
6:30pm: Amanda Rogers
7:20pm: Matt Durfee
8:10pm: The Last Internationale
9pm: Restys



August 24th, 2009, 10:49 am by Greg

frontVol1Over the years, there have been a number of compilation discs that basically take an audio snapshot of just where the Nippertown music scene is at any given time, but it’s been quite a while now, so big KUDOS go out out to Mike Guzzo and his CRUMBS compatriots for putting together “Live From CRUMBS Cafe, Volume 1.”

They not only recorded all of this live on their own, but they also managed to get the bands to donate their recordings for free. And then…

And then…

And then… CRUMBS offered up all of their hard work for free to anyone who wants to hear it – and own it. That’s right, it’s not just a free stream; it’s a free download – the entire album.

Of course, all of this would be moot if the music wasn’t good. But Guzzo and his pals cherrypicked some of the best bands around. Here’s the track listing and a bit of quick commentary, just in case you don’t believe me:

1. RAILBIRD: “Hold On” – a stripped down Railbird Jr. offering featuring Sarah Pedinotti and Chris Kyle
2. SEAN ROWE: “Surprise” – Resonant neo folk-blues, resonating with echoes of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave
3. MIKE MATTA: “All You Need” – the Sketchy Indians’ mainman teams up with Amanda Rogers and Ben Karis-Nix for a harmony driven nugget
4. KATIE HAVERLY: “Immunity” – Solo. Torchy. Devastating.
5. THE VELMAS: “This Time” – Both jammy and rocky. Not quite rock; not quite reggae. Totally contagious.
6. THE MARK FREDERICK BAND: “Ain’t So Bad” – Intimate, acoustic blues in the early Hot Tuna pocket. Sharp guitar playing.
7. SIRSY: “Sorry Me” – Acoustic version of the two-person pop band featuring Melanie Krahmer’s intoxicating vocals.
8. MATTHEW LOIACONO: “Modest Birds” – The most subtle solo offering of the disc. And the most touching.
9. BYRDS OF PREY: “Chasing Shadows” – In the song’s acoustic format, the intro is too long, but they manage to establish the groove. And that’s what really counts.
10. RAMBLIN JUG STOMPERS: “Overseas Stomp” – Steven “Cousin” Clyde sells this vintage Lindy hop gem. Oh wait, I play on this one. Never mind…
11. BLACKCAT ELLIOT: “She’s Got Friday Night” – An acoustic variation on the go-for-the-throat power trio revealing the classic song structure in Gus’ songs.
12. THE NIGHTMARE RIVER BAND: “Where Do We Go” – A grand closer. In the traditonal British Music Hall fashion, the NMRB wraps it all up with a ukulele, a whistling solo and some cheery harmonies.

“When we first started recording, it was in a hot, cramped attic space with less than ideal acoustics,'” admits Guzzo, who began recording some of these tracks way back in March, 2007. “Today, the episodes and live performances are recorded in the basement, which is a bit more acoustically sound. As you’re listening to these songs remember that they were recorded under these conditions – and the songs still somehow came out amazing.”

No excuses required here, Mike. Nice job.

And just in case a digital download of the album isn’t enough for you, you can also get a physical CD from CRUMBS for just $3.

Signs of the City

August 11th, 2009, 2:08 pm by Sara
Cafe Hookah Lounge, Montreal

Cafe Hookah Lounge, Montreal

Thanks, Tim Livingston!

CRUMBS’ compilation CD

July 17th, 2009, 3:01 pm by Greg

Mike Guzzo and the fine folks at CRUMBS (that’s the Capital Region Unofficial Musicians and Bands Site, for you uninitiated) are taking yet another step forward.

Apparently, it just wasn’t enough to just run the area’s most comprehensive local music website. And blog about the local scene for the Times Union. And produce the weekly hour-long radio show “CRUMBS Cafe” on WEXT-FM. And host the monthly free CRUMBS Nite Out concert series and panel discussion at The Linda.

Nope, CRUMBS needed to do more, so now they’re releasing a compilation album featuring a decidedly eclectic mix of some of the area’s finest bands.

“Live from CRUMBS Cafe, Volume 1” is officially being released on Tuesday, July 21, and there will be three different ways that you can get your hands on a copy or two:

For $4, you can order the CD online and have it mailed to you.
For $3, you can purchase the CD in person at various CRUMBS events.
Or you can simply go to the CRUMBS website and download the digital album for free.

So what will you get? A dozen bands are represented and each one offers one song recorded especially for “CRUMBS Cafe.”

Here are the track listings:

Railbird’s “Hold On”
Sean Rowe’s “Surprise”
Mike Matta’s “All You Need”
Katie Haverly’s “Immunity”
The Velmas’ “This Time”
The Mark Frederick Band’s “Ain’t So Bad”
Sirsy’s “Sorry Me”
Matthew Loiacono’s “Modest Birds”
Byrds Of Prey’s “Chasing Shadows”
Ramblin Jug Stompers’ “Overseas Stomp”
Blackcat Elliot’s “She’s Got Friday Night”
The Nightmare River Band’s “Where Do We Go From Here”

Be Here Now: The Duke & The King @ The Colony Cafe

May 18th, 2009, 2:51 pm by Greg

You’ll recall that when the Felice Brothers swung into Valentine’s last month to celebrate the release of their devastating new album, “Yonder Is the Clock,” they were sans drummer/brother Simone Felice.

Well, apparently Simone has teamed up with Robert “Chicken” Burke to form new duo the Duke & the King (named after the ramblin charlatans of Mark Twain’s classic “Adventures of Huckelberry Finn”). The twosome has been laying low recording their debut album, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” which is slated for release in August on Ramseur Records.

Of course, you can hear a sneak preview on the D&K MySpace page, or better still, catch them in concert at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock on Friday, May 22.

FYI – Simone Felice is also quite an accomplished author, whose latest book is the fable-noir novel “Hail Mary, Full of Holes.”

The Duke & the King

Colony Cafe
22 Rock City Road, Woodstock
8pm Friday, May 22

Here’s The Duke & The King live on WDST, performing “If You Ever Get Famous;”

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