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LIVE: Bob Schneider @ The Linda, 4/2/10

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

It was just the second song of the evening. Bob Schneider cozied up to the microphone to croon the opening lyrics, “It was a beautiful day/The sky was blue.” A few moments later, he and his bandmates were repeating the final lyric of the song over and over: “God will destroy everything you love if you live long enough.”

“That’s kind of a downbeat song,” Scheneider deadpanned afterward.

Throughout his show at The Linda in Albany on Friday night, the Austin singer-songwriter rode an emotional roller coaster from the harrowing heartbreak of “2002” to an zany, off-the-cuff jazz improv about Ricky, the pet raccoon.

“Somebody told me today that I had to keep the show PG,” explained Schneider, who has a reputation for often “working blue,” as old-time show biz vets like to say. The near-capacity crowd loudly voiced its disapproval at the announcement. “Yeah, I’m not crazy about it either,” he added, “but I do enjoy a challenge.”

He managed to do pretty good with it, too, only scattering a handful of expletives throughout his show and telling a few tales about his dick.



Bob Schneider, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Bob Schneider“I bought two albums. The Knack’s ‘The Knack,’ which had ‘My Sharona’ on it; and AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell.’ I bought both of those on vinyl, took ’em home and listened to ’em over and over again.”

Roots-rockin’ singer-songwriter Bob Schneider rolls out of Austin and into Albany for a concert at The Linda at 8pm on Friday. Nashville’s Steve Palmer Band opens the show. Tix are $20.

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