Is The Bacon Trend Over? Nope.

January 4th, 2010, 3:30 pm by Sara

Bacon scented candles

Bacon scented candles

We don’t care what Slate said, we view the appreciation of bacon as a life-long discipline requiring frequent practice.

Bacon scented candles (or perhaps you’d prefer the BLT sandwich set)
Bacon air fresheners
Bacon Christmas ornaments
Laminated bacon refrigerator magnets
Bacon bandages
Smoked bacon flavor spray (hmmm, what this would be like as a perfume?)
Maple-bacon coffee
Bacon beer

Bacon ice cream
Bacon sushi
Bacon cheesecake
Crispy deep-fried bacon
Bacon Explosion: BBQ smoked bacon-wrapped-in-sausage-wrapped-in-bacon
Bacon chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon (tip: substitute bacon fat for the butter.)

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