FILM: “Argo”

February 19th, 2013, 1:00 pm by Greg

Review by Pete Mason

Best Picture Oscar nominee and likely winner “Argo” is one of the most engrossing films I have seen in quite sometime. Using the backdrop of the dramatic rescue of six American embassy staffers during the Iranian Revolution in 1980, “Argo” has a truly great story and riveting excitement throughout the film. The scenes that are recreated look incredibly similar to the actual scenes from that day; stay put for the first part of the credits to see proof of the authenticity sought in the making of this film.

Ben Affleck serves as director, producer and actor in this film, and although he was snubbed for an Oscar nomination, he has received virtually every award he has been nominated for, and rightly so. The directing takes you at a fast pace, showing the urgency of the escape that is needed. While it feels sped up, the quick cuts to ADD-fueled thoughts and thought processes allow you to get in the head of the CIA operative Tony Mendez (Affleck), who is tasked with getting the embassy staffers out of Iran. The Canadian ambassador and his wife take in the six captives and give them a place to stay and hide until they cannot wait any longer. The six are instructed by Mendez to take on their new identities as Canadian filmmakers and learn the plot to help them escape, cope with the risks and finally succeed. Even though you know the outcome before heading into the theater (you don’t recall a tragedy named “Argo,” do you?) you are still following along with breathless attention. The style of the filming – with 35mm film blown up to fill the screen – puts the action right in your face and appears larger than life, which for the characters in the movie, and in real life, the experience truly was.

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