A Few Minutes With… Stephen Trombley and Angela Kaset

July 24th, 2012, 3:30 pm by Greg
Angela Kaset and Stephen Trombley

Angela Kaset and Stephen Trombley

Story by Thomas Dimopoulos
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Stephen Trombley was driving through Tennessee, where the roadways sprawl across the state for 94,000 miles. It is enough to circle the world three times.

“I’ll have to call you back in a few minutes,” Trombley bellowed, his voice rising over the symphonic rattle of gas-powered clunkers that seeped through his cellphone. “I’m just learning this highway system in Nashville,” he said. “And I am completely going in the wrong direction.”

Exploring the roadways of his new home state, there are worse things in life than getting lost in Music City for the musician, author and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker. The gigs have been immediate; the collaborations with fellow songwriters, plentiful. “You sit in a room together for two hours, and you come out with a song,” Trombley explained, after he solved the Tennessee highway riddle to eventually meet up with renowned Nashville songwriter Angela Kaset.

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