Short Story: “Eleanor Rigby”

May 16th, 2012, 2:00 pm by Greg

NOTE: This is Nippertown’s first piece of fiction. It’s a short story inspired by the characters in the Beatles’ classic “Eleanor Rigby.” And just to make the tie-in, the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany will be screening the recently remastered film “Yellow Submarine” at 12noon on Sunday (May 20) and again at 7pm on Monday (May 21).

Short story by Allison G.

Eleanor Rigby walked down the cobbled street. It was a cold November day in Coventry. The sky was overcast and the streets were littered with autumn’s colorful leaves. As she walked down the street she saw the lights on in the church. Eleanor decided to escape the late fall chill and go into the church. When she walked in, she saw Father McKenzie giving a sermon to the empty chapel. She sat down in a pew towards the back and listened to him intently.

“God told us to ‘love thy neighbor’. Then why is it so hard for us to help someone we don’t know? Why don’t we expand from the friends we have now and meet new people? I challenge every man, woman, and child to talk to someone you don’t know today. Whether you meet them in the park or on the street, make someone’s day special. Maybe you’ll start a lifelong friendship.”

Father McKenzie finished the service and went up to Eleanor. He was a tall, gentle looking man with black hair and green-gold eyes shielded by his brown horn rimmed glasses. Even though the colors of his eyes were vibrant, they were dead and tired looking.

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LIVE: “West Side Story” @ Proctors, 8/18/11

August 29th, 2011, 1:30 pm by Greg
West Side Story @ Proctors Theater

On Thursday, August 18th, my parents took me to Proctors to see the afternoon show of “West Side Story.” The show was an updated version of the 1957 Broadway musical which was written by Arthur Laurents, dance choreographed by Jerome Robbins, with lyrics and music composed by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein, respectively.

To give you some background as to how I found out about “West Side Story,” it was when I was in seventh grade music class, towards the end of the school year. We were learning about Broadway musicals. As a bit of a treat, since it was the end of the year, our music teacher said that we would be watching the 1961 movie of “West Side Story.” No one in class seemed too thrilled, but I figured I’d give it a chance.

After the 45 minutes of class was finished, I couldn’t wait to see more of the movie the next day. After three days of watching the movie, I really liked it and wanted to see the actual Broadway musical.

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