LIVE: Lip Talk @ the Low Beat, 10/24/14

November 18th, 2014, 1:00 pm by Greg
Lip Talk

Lip Talk

Photographs by Timothy Reidy

Ah, evolution…

Former Saratoga Springs singer Sarah Pedinotti has traversed across a wide musical spectrum to get to where she is these days. She started off as a jazz singer, but eventually the Sarah Pedinotti Band began drifting further and further toward a raw but sophisticated brand of Americana. When they switched band names to Railbird, Pedinotti was focusing on a bridge that blended the blues with a more experimental brand of rock.

After relocating to Brooklyn, Pedinotti, guitarist Chris Kyle and the rest of the band absorbed edgier, more urban influences, and finally, in October, 2013, another name change was in order, as Railbird became Lip Talk with the release of their EP, Lucky. At the time, the band declared, “It feels great to have finally arrived at a name for this musical beast of ours. It’s a happy, moody, experimental pop beast, and it’s definitely steering the ship, not us…”

Last month – a year after they adopted their current band moniker – the music steered them back to Nippertown, and after opening sets by Hudson 12-string guitarist Alexander Turnquist and Brent Gorton’s Better Pills, Lip Talk made their first official Albany appearance at the Low Beat, showcasing their new, more angular, sharp-edged sound. As you might expect, there were a few folks in the crowd who mourned the loss of some of the band’s older material and their earlier, warmer sound. But as Alvy Singer declared in “Annie Hall,” “A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” And the same can be said for a good band…

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